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SEO article: Dos and Doníts

Posted by oscartornley in Internet on October 15th, 2018

SEO article writing can be an overwhelming task when you have many factors to consider. The articles should be interesting and informative for the users and SEO-friendly at the same time. A good SEO company will be able to tell you how bad content can get you penalised by the search engines. Let us explore here some of the basic factors so that you know the right way to develop the content.

Before writing an article you will have to do the keyword research and decide on the structure of the article. If you think tools are not needed for checking the quality of SEO content then you are wrong. There are some great tools that check the article for readability and SEO friendliness. Use of synonyms in your article is a good idea. The main idea of your article should be clearly communicated so that the readers know what to expect from the content. Using short paragraphs with h2 tags are great for the readers as well as the search engine’s crawlers.

Instead of using the same keyword again and again, use its synonyms. Once the search engine’s algorithm finds out keyword stuffing, you are going to be penalised. Use multiple keywords instead of just one so that your article can be indexed for more than one keyword. The tone of writing should be liked by target audience. If you are writing an article on data science for the experienced researchers, you should not just give the basic detail or definitions. While writing for kids or young adults the language and use of words should be appropriate for them.

The focus keywords or key phrases should be evenly distributed and should never be overused. Keyword density should not be more than 1-2%. The keywords should be balanced as well. Interlinking within the article is also a good practice. If you have already published a good article on similar topic or have found a reference article on the same topic, you may link it within your content. A clear call to action should be included in your article. Either the readers are to be directed to another section of your website (filling up of a form etc.) or to the button for placing order for your product or services.

Your SEO article should be written on the keyword you are trying to get the ranking for and not for something entirely different and unrelated. In other words, the topic and the content should have common theme and the keyword. Unrelated and irrelevant content frustrates the readers and annoys the search engines. A good SEO company employs writers who have nice and appealing style of writing that does not bore the readers. Keep the sentences crisp and short. Do not use needless words. Adding examples and anecdotes always make the article interesting and fun to read.

Never undermine the importance of formatting the content with right kind of fonts, colours, background colour and use of bold and italics. These make the task of reading easy for the readers and they come back to your website for more content. Your SEO article should be original and useful and visitors to your page must find value in it. A good SEO company knows the importance of unique and interesting content and they pay adequate attention to content development.

Writing SEO article for the purpose of content marketing is encouraged by any expert SEO company.


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