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Choose window shutters and multi functional blinds suitable window

Posted by Graysonau in Home on January 13th, 2020

The construction plan goes through colossal construction work; it usually begins with the development of a plan to give everything that finally completes the civil architecture work in a real way. But the final part of the complementarily of any building is to finish with the interior decoration; this part of the work is delivered with many decoration options. While window treatment is also a genre that serves as a house or building for decorative purposes and offers many futuristic features such as projection light, temperature control and privacy for exterior walls. While people are looking for the best window cover, Plantation blinds and roller blinds are among the most popular window coverings for any home decoration.


Traditional and sustainable Plantation shutters


Plantation shutters are by far the best known of all other types of blinds since this is the oldest and most traditional type of blind, which is one of the reasons for choosing plantation blinds. For more information on this shutter, this type of shutter is made to measure with a wide sheet of rustic wood of fine grain or rough cut. They were commonly used in plantation houses to let the direct breeze through the ventilation by protecting the interior from the sun's rays. The plantation shutter is dynamic and effective in a large or large interior space. In addition, they are often used alone. As such, they are completely part of the architecture and add aesthetic value to the treatment of the windows.


The shutter in the plantation shutters can be tilted in the desired position to control the light; therefore, they offer total privacy when closing the shutters. When the blinds are completely open, they leave the full view of the outside world and let the light into the room and, when closed, completely block the light. Plantation blind designs have a different style, taking advantage of this advantage; you can close the bottom for privacy and keep the top half to allow light and air to enter the room. Its unique characteristics are low maintenance, durability and effective control of the temperature of the interior space.


Elegant and simple roller blinds


Roller blinds are perhaps the most elegant and simple form of blinds that fit most window configurations. The lampshade is delivered with the length of the fabric attached to a metal tube or a wooden rod, mounted on or inside the window. Thanks to its spring mechanism, they facilitate the operation of the fabric when it is rolled or unwound along the mounted bar. Roller blinds are economical because they only cover the window space and do not require additional fabric. And they are mainly used with curtains, the rails are also available for curtains and blinds to operate as needed.


The most subtle and dark roller blinds that block the light as effectively as possible, which also come in layers of fabric to protect sunlight and protect it from the sun's rays. It is very simple to choose the type of screening required, depending on the color of the shadows in which the room is illuminated from the outside. These characteristics, in turn, save a lot of energy and money in general. The thicker the layers are, the darker the room is for better privacy and this works well with the living room, the bedroom bathroom, and the office facilities. Roller blinds do not require maintenance and are economical.



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