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Everything you need to know about Greek theatre masks

Posted by Josephine89 in Entertainment on October 11th, 2018

There is no denying that theatre is a unique art form that has been negating cultural barriers for years. The storytelling technique of this art has the power to cast light on hidden challenges faced by the society and resolve complex issues with ease. Theatre artists present their ideas in a tasteful manner, force the audience to think beyond their imagination and witness an incredible portrayal of the present condition of the society. The noteworthy transformations of the characters, the perfect monologues and the hidden thought provoking messages are enough to hypnotize the viewers and fill them with delight.

Theatre was born to amuse the public and express emotions creatively. The early plays were quite simple, elegant and talked about the lifestyle of common people. It became a popular source of amusement in a very short span of time. People started enjoying the ambiance of open-air structures where tragedy and comedy acts were performed by artists. Great poets started writing for theatre acts which made them even more influential.

Comedy, tragedy and satyr were the most appreciated forms of theatre plays. The journey of theatre from a street art to a highly sophisticated form of entertainment has been a long one. The themes, costumes, props, etc have evolved over the years in order to match the standards of the society. However, the tradition of Greek theatre masks has remained constant all these years.

The task of conveying sentiments clearly to a huge audience is not an easy one. Sometimes, the artists needed to play different characters in a single play which made it very difficult to tell the story clearly. This introduced the concept of masks in the world of entertainment. Masks made the plays more mysterious, improved the effectiveness of performance and allowed the actors to be more flexible. Even the people sitting at the back of amphitheaters could understand the story properly with the help of masks. It is a lot easier to identify masked characters and understand their role as compared to the conventional attires.

Comedy and tragedy masks made it possible to transform the persona of actors and symbolize emotions in a unique way. Ancient masks were often associated with rituals and were offered to Gods in case of celebrations. They were often used in religious ceremonies, musical dramas and short comedy plays.

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