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Looking for a Better Braking Technology: GiroDisc Brakes

Posted by nicksforzamclarenusa in Business on October 10th, 2018

One of the top Braking technology Company is GiroDsic dedicated in developing high-performance top-quality brake component solution.The Girdodisc system is actually a replacement of OE disc for those vehicles that comes with cast iron rotors.

Its central hat section is made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium. This disc is made with cast iron, which is the same material and specification used for the professional racing company McLaren. Girodisc Brakes design is curved developed for racing cars centrifugal pump force and cool air through this disc. Its hat and rotor have the floating mount system using 10 high strength drive pins made of alloy steel.Girodisc made this for best corrosion resistance. The pins help to take the load of break action and maintain the radial and axial float between the disc and hat.

To stop the rotor from making noise in cold condition the pins are attached with an anti-noise spring washer. It allows the rotor growing with heat expansion and eliminates the noise and rattle associated with these floating rotors. It also allows to self center in-between the pads.


  • Fits on all McLaren MP4-12C those models without carbon ceramic rotor
  • Lighter than the stock brakes
  • Sold as pairs only
  • Rear rotors are of OEM size
  • Caliper spacers come along accommodating 380mm large front rotors
  • Improved braking performance
  • Direct factory replacement
  • Increased rotor life
  • Reduced unsprung weight
  • More cooling efficiency
  • Retain factory e-brake
  • Premium grade brakes made in U.S.A

Girodisc design and engineers this replacement disc after studying and documenting the OE brake system and designed the disc design. They analysed the data first and determined what all benefits can the get maximum from this new design. Its designing is done using 3D CAD-CAE. First the prototypes areconstructed and then tested in a vehicle. When the team was satisfied with its performance and goals were met developed for the vehicle. They produced first in limited number and released for sale.

By putting the learned lesson and latest technology all together developed this high performing braking system for the racing cars and road cars was the mission of Girodisc.

Specification of Brake rotors

Curved Vanes

In most of the 2 piece rotors curved vanes are given. It means between the faces of rotor there will be small columns of bunches. When the rotor spins the air get washed through it and cool the rotor.

Saves weight

Brake rotors helps to save the most amount of weight of your vehicle.Basically the unsprung weight can be eliminated that helps in better handling of the vehicle.

Floating design

The construction of the brake rotor is not only made light but, also fully floating.The bolted rotors are fixed to one another so that they do not move. When the rotor heats up then iron expands and ring become slightly larger in size.Hat also gets grow with the rotors heat and weaken the rotor which leads to warping and cracking.With the spring clip and special drive pin assembled in an elongated hole so that hat and rotor can easily expand and contract freely without opposing one another.

The upgraded brake rotor of McLaren MP4-12C is 38 mm premium brake rotors.


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