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Advantages of Hiring a Live Event Painter

Posted by weddingdaypainter in Business on October 10th, 2018

Have you heard of a live event painter? Are you thinking of hiring one for your next event? Live wedding event painter is fairly a new idea and concept. In simple words, a live event or wedding painter is a professional painter that you hire to paint your wedding or reception as it takes place. It is a custom-made piece of art of your wedding or event.

Before the event or wedding make sure to discuss everything with your painter. Some people may want a particular moment to be captured and that must be conveyed to your painter very clearly. Look at the painter’s previous work to make your decision about hiring him. They would arrive at the venue before the guests so that they can get started with the backgrounds. If you are still thinking whether you really need or want one for your next event, mentioned below are a few advantages of hiring one.

Captures the Feeling

Whether you want to capture a particular moment or a number of scenes, it helps you capture the feeling of that very moment onto a canvas. You could take a million photos with your family and friends but there will be just one live painting that captures the feeling you want.

Adds a Touch of Elegance

Many guests may not have thought of the idea of having a live painting as a part of their event. Live event painting adds a touch of elegance to your event or wedding.

A Keepsake

Think of it as a keepsake or an heirloom that you would be able to cherish forever. Make sure the best quality paint and canvas is used so that it can last you for a lifetime.

Entertainment for Guests

It is truly magical to see a painting unfold right in front of your eyes. It is a great form of entertainment for your guests. The painter arrives in advance so that the guests can see the painting come into form. Most people are amazed at the results it gives at the end of the event.

Personalized Thank You Card

Another major advantage of having a live painter for your event is that you can use the painted piece as a thank you card for your guests. You would have the finished product at your home but your guests may also want to see it and keep it. Print it on cards and send them out to your guests.

There are a few advantages of hiring a live painter for your next event. Live event painting in NJ is increasingly getting popular. Make sure to communicate everything very clearly with your painter from the beginning to get your desired results. Hope the above advantages have helped you make your decision. It can be said that a live painter for your event does add a charm to your event, making your day more special. Go ahead and hire one for your next event. You won’t regret it.


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