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Calibrating Thread Gages. Uses, Maintenance, and Risks.

Posted by Thirdcoastgage in Business on October 9th, 2018

A thread gage is a tool used for precision measuring the pitch of a thread that is on a screw hole. This is also known as screw gage or pitch gage. A handful of different types of thread gage is available and so this tool can save you time on determining the thread pitch for a threaded item. Calibrating or to mark is an important part of these thread gages as they can cause confusion, if not done the right way.

A thread gage must be properly used and maintained for its longer life. Below are its uses, maintenance, and risks for thread gage calibration. Keep reading to know.


Thread gage calibration must never be forced onto any dimensions. The gages must always be turned and pushed slowly and gently to avoid any damages to both the gage and other parts.

The temperature of the gage and the parts must always be the same. 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for both.

It is also very important to remember to not touch the gage surfaces with your hands as the oils from your skin can lead to rusting.

Make sure to have properly trained personnel so that gages are treated and used correctly.


Before every use, the recalibration dates must be checked so that it’s up-to-date.

After use, the thread gage must be dipped and coated with an oil-based wax to avoid any rusting.

Thread gages must be inspected regularly to ensure the accuracy of measurements. The inspection must be based on the quality, amount of usage and the material of the gage.

They must be stored according to its types in plastic storage boxes, containers or cabinets.

Remember that these gages must be protected from exposure to humidity, moisture,and excessive heat.


There are also various risks involved if you do not calibrate your gages:

You will get inaccurate results and measurements.

A thread gage calibration with a certificate will ensure good maintenance and good quality. Without certification, the reliability of the measurements holds no importance.

Since thread gages are used to measure parts such as nuts and bolts, it is important to have accurate readings. There could be a handful of safety risks because of uncalibrated thread gages.

You would have unhappy and dissatisfied customers when the quality and service is not up to the required standards. This way you will lose your customers as well as good business.

This tool is used widely for various reasons. With time the accuracy of the thread gage can reduce and by calibrating your gage regularly, you will be assured accuracy. Accuracy is extremely important for thread gages and that can be very easily achieved and sustained with calibration. This way you could avoid extra costs and errors. You can very confidently have a good business and maintain high standards. Always remember to have professionals deal with the usage and calibrating of thread gages as there is no room for errors later.


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