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Itís Time to Do a Root Cause Analysis of Your Stress

Posted by Sumit Agarwal in Business on October 9th, 2018


“Don’t worry all will be fine!”

“There is no problem, don’t freak out!”

“Take a break, you don’t have to complete this task right away”

Do you find yourself being the recipient of these admonitions pretty often through the day? It just means that your friends and family are concerned with the way you are stressed out. Above all this, if you continually feel tired, drained out, and dejected, it could be because you are stressed. It’s high time to do a root cause analysis of your stress. You can get the help of a professional life coach to identify the cause of your stress and find ways to overcome it. However, before we try to find a solution for stress, we need to know the types of the stress. 

Different types of stress

Stress could be caused in your personal life or in your work life. The top life coaches in India agree that the most common causes of stress are:

  • Physical stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Mental stress
  • Financial stress

The names are self-explanatory; all of these stresses could be because of either personal reasons or professional reasons.

What to do when we are stressed?

All of us go through a stressful phase in life. It is a part of life, and we learn to roll with it. However, in cases, when stress is making you sick, and affecting your professional and personal life, you should think of consulting a professional life coach. The life coach does not do counseling, but listens to your problems and helps you figure out the solution.

How to deal with stress?

If you observe, you will notice that in most cases, stress is caused because of over thinking and being over anxious about the future. Some of the suggestions that your life coach could give you to deal with stress are:

  1. Become aware

The first step toward combating stress is being aware of it. Close your eyes and visualize the factors triggering this stress. Mentally, go through the stress symptoms and the emotions attached to the stress. When you become more aware of the cause of stress, you can handle it with more confidence.

  1. Reflect

This step is a continuation of the previous step. After you visualize the stress symptoms, you reflect on why they are affecting you mentally and emotionally. As you reflect, you will understand that most stress triggers can be avoided or overcome.

  1. Live in the NOW

One of the major causes of stress is fear or anxiety of the future. Be mindful and live in the present to effectively handle stress. This step is difficult and may need the assistance of a professional life coach.


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