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Nepal Tour Packages: Essential Things to Consider

Posted by nepaltour in Travel on January 9th, 2020

Nepal is officially considered as the highest country on this planet and commonly referred to as the "roof of the world". This name seems fit for this Small Himalayan Nation, where snow-covered mountains rise to the edge of the sky and sometimes disappear into the clouds that just look like stairways to heaven. Long stretched Himalayan region, deep valleys, shining lakes, and cultural heritage makes this country an ideal tourist destination for all types of travelers. One of the major aspects that make Nepal ideal for travel is star attractions such as Mt. Everest, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, and its capital city Kathmandu. Not to forget the cultural diversity of Nepal has played a crucial role in enhancing the Nepal tourism. But still, some people are unaware of certain things in Nepal. To clear all your doubts, here are some things that you should definitely when planning for a Nepal tour. 

Learn about Social Etiquettes 

Interaction with the locals is one of the main things of a journey that needs to keep in mind. Greeting locals in their cultural manner like saying "Namaste" by joining both the palms together in a prayer style will give you a sense of familiarity with their traditions. Make sure to obey local culture so as not to offend anyone. It is better to avoid wearing revealing clothes as they considered not acceptable in their society. If you get invited into a Nepali home, make sure to remove your shoes before entering the house. Ensure these certain social etiquettes will help you better understand the Nepali culture. 

Experience the Adventure 

Nepal is incredibly terrain, and there is no surprise why Nepal is the world's most famous destination for adventure tourism. Hence, explore this through adventure but before make sure to wear safety gear and also grab a buddy as well. To avoid any future emergency, make sure to hire a guide as going through woods and mountain areas is tricky and there is a high risk of getting injured or lost if you don't have a professional with you. 

Water Safety 

If you are planning to stay for a while in Nepal, it is recommended to take a filtered water bottle. Make sure to avoid tap water as it is not safe for drinking. Stick to your water for drinking or purchase a filtered water bottle as they safe for drinking and do not have impurities. 

Nepali Cuisines

There is no denying the fact that the food of Nepal is delicious and mouth-watering. Nepal offers every type of food cuisines from traditional to international dishes, you'll never be hungry there. Typical Nepal food is called Dal Bhat that is made up of rice and lentils. It is worth noting that traditional Nepali food is often hot and spicy, but you can specify to the restaurants how mild or spicy you want it when ordering. You can get a taste of Dal Bhat in every local restaurant, which is large in number throughout the country. 

Considering these following things will give you inside about what you should be expecting on your visit to Nepal. But, don't forget to book from the exclusive Nepal tour packages to make your trip hassle-free.


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