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Elevated wedding venues on GT Karnal Road.

Posted by Mohanvilaas2020 in Other on January 8th, 2020

                                       Elevated wedding venues on GT Karnal Road

As I already have had mentioned in one of my previous blogs that, with the advent of winter season the marriage hounds are all awake to go merry go around. Marriage and Winters have become an epitome of each other, more like a cycle - Winter-Marriages, with so many things to do while this event is going in full swing in the background.

There are almost numerous occasions that one has to keep track. From Mehendi functions to Sangeet every one have to be organized in a titch. For all of these exquisitely rich traditional performa there is a strict requirement of a place that is not less than a palace of dreams. As it is said that a proper Ambience is what that sets the mood for the later stages and there is no proper place other than GT karnal road if you’re a proper resident of the Delhi.

Last night I was invited in one of marriages whose venue was among one of these GT karnal road resorts that is fabulously furnished and well groomed if you talk about the whole prospect of a perfect place to get married. Mohan Villas was the place where I was invited that is regarded as best wedding farmhouse in GT karnal road, but it’s not only Mohan Villas that is out there but there’s entire section of resorts that are apple of eye for many.

Let's get down to business and talk about the top 4 resorts in GT karnal that are “Four Pillars of Wedding Industry in GT karnal road”-

Tivoli Grand Resort :-

Tivoli Grand Resort Banquet is first on our list that has earn it’s place, thanks to the elongated venues that are located on the GF Karnal Road. If you’re looking for an exemplary venue to host your wedding functions then Tivoli Grand Resort Banquet is your first go-to-place for you. It is an innovative and contemporary style venue that cater your all needs and requirements for all your wedding functions. Their highly efficient and experienced staff are quite handy in answering all the questions regarding their business and withholding pride in their unmatchable services.

The place is sprawling horizontally across the landscapes with variety of different facilities found in its premises itself. With the capacity of serving 4000 guests at one sitting is a feather in its cap.

Their event spaces is comprised of lawns, terraces and a perfect setting of pool, with more than 100 rooms and spacious suits are luxurious beauty. Their utmost services includes a typical wedding package that has an in-house catering, bridal room and exclusive space for the special events and many other services leaving no error go past their lookout.

  • Prices- Starting roughly from 1,600 to 3000.

  • Number of Guests- Upto 4000


Dream Palace Banquet :-

Along the banquet halls in delhi GT Karnal Road, if you drive more in the city, then you’ll surely come across a fine Banquet that is attributed with several lighting bulbs perfectly sprawled all across it’s estates, beckoning you to come over their and experience the richness of a perfect traditional wedding in the lap of a exhilarating wedding atmosphere that is created by the fairly decorated property.

Dream Palace Banquet is not just a palace on paper or for a show it actually holds a destined prepossessing that locks everyone’s attention. It offers a lot of facilities and services to make your wedding grand, eventful that is worth remembering for decades to come. The venue offers different and fabulous setups that is required for your wedding ceremonies for eg- valet parking, basic lighting, music/alcohol licence and other stuffs are also taken care of. It also has in-house catering services that serves vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

  • Price- Rs 800

  • Number of guests- From 100 to 600


Casa Lima Banquets :-

It is located at GT Karnal Road that offers you with spacious and luminous banquet halls, great facilities with fine food and beverages and also with an excellent ambiance to celebrate your grand big occasion. This location is regarded as the perfect wedding destination if you are looking for hosting all your wedding related functions under one roof.

Theyhave stunning interiors and dedicated space for the couple to receive the guests and exclusive catering area. They offer a wide variety of equipment to assist you through any of function.

They offer professional events including catering, DJ, etc. Their team of chefs can prepare custom menus, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Casa Lima Banquet also holds functions other than Wedding, all these things have earned it the place among the list of Banquet halls in Delhi.

  • Price- Rs 1,300

  • Number of guests- From 100 to 650


Mohan Vilaas :-

This place is located among the busiest wedding destination of GT Karnal Road, that has been ideally serving as a perfect place to get married and is a force to reckon in this industry. This place easily stands out as a venue that attracts several people and clientele from in and around the region wedding farmhouses in gt karnal road of Delhi- NCR as well.

It’s venues are quite spacious for each functions that it withholds in its premises. It offers range of services from an in-house catering services to music facilities along with other pre- wedding facilities.

  • Price- Rs 1000

  • Number of guests- From 500 to 2000



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