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Finding the right CDL school

Posted by gabrielfulton in Business on October 7th, 2018

If you are at the starting point of your truck driving career and decided this is the direction you want to take, choosing the CDL school is a very important decision. You might think the truck driving school is a basic requirement to obtain the CDL, in fact, it will help you achieve great skills, teach you about rules and legislation and land the perfect job.

When choosing a company to work for or college, people pay a lot of attention to decisive factors and it should be the same with a CDL school. Are you currently employed or have a family? Perhaps you need a school that has a flexible schedule, so you can attend courses based on your availability. Maybe you want to spend more time with the instructor and need more hours for training, until you feel confident enough to take the exam. Choosing right will determine your driving abilities and your chances of getting a job in the field. It is true that in recent years, there has been a higher request for professional drivers and due to this, schools have been in high demand as well and many individuals want to begin training and earn more money.

There are several types of schools available, some are certified, licensed, while others accredited. The licensed school respects the minimum state requirements and they have a facility and training possibilities. The certified school is fully licensed and a third party company has inspected it in order to establish if it meets specific standards. Students attending such a facility graduate after passing the US DOT standards. Another point to consider is job placement possibilities. The truck driving school should help you find a job after graduation. Some of them have partnerships with transport companies and they advertise this. Just imagine the opportunities you have and how much time and effort you save, since you don’t have to search on your own. Not to mention that you know for sure it is a legitimate position and your contract is guaranteed.

Truck driving education does cost money and if you see “free training” advertised online, you should know from the start there is something wrong with it. Even though each course implies fees, ask the school about payment plans and if you can take advantage of them. Not everyone has the entire amount at the beginning and you should not have to give up your dream. The costs implied cover the classes and the training with the instructor. You should review the contract closely and check to see what costs are included and what they cover. Ideally, the driving school has to combine classroom time with on-the-road training and you will learn everything, from the basics of street signs, laws, reading maps, up to advanced driving skills, such as turning, maneuvering trucks, backing up and such. It is essential to know these aspects, as they will become something regular after you get the job.

The good news is that nowadays, you can find a lot of information about trucking schools online. You can review the ones within your location; see what type of courses they provide, if instructors are qualified, accredited and experienced and if they have positive ratings. There are situations where schools guarantee high passing rate. This means that after the courses, you will be fully prepared for the exam and have no trouble in getting the license.

Also, you can check to see what previous students have to say about the experience, if it helped them, if they recommend the school and if they have been able to get a job afterwards. Now that you decided to start a career in the field, you have to take the important decision and follow a school that doesn’t disappoint and will help you gain confidence and teach you great skills. If you are unsure about the direction to take, you can always request an initial course and find out more about the school and the instructors, see exactly how trustworthy they are. You might not know how many courses you need, but there are different packages available and you can always request more, if needed. Along with the instructor, you can decide together when you are prepared to the fullest.

Do you plan on attending a CDL school? Have you found the right one yet? If you are still looking, don’t hesitate about this truck driving school. Besides informative and efficient courses, you can get employed directly after graduating.


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