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Develop an edge with root cause analysis online training

Posted by jokerfontano in Business on October 5th, 2018

Whether in business or personal life, challenges are normal and commonplace. What makes an individual or an organization different from the other is the way they look at the challenges, respond to them and solve them. Root cause analysis online training is a must in this regard if you want to create an edge for yourself or the organization you work for. After root cause analysis (RCA) is done, lean kaizen training will help you to organize an event to take it forward.

Any problem that we face is a problem till the time we find the right solution for it. Most often problems are dealt superficially and a solution is resorted that can fix the problem within the shortest possible time. But since the actual cause of the problem remains unknown to the team, it poses a high probability of recurrence. This would again need time, effort and money which could have been easily avoided if it was resolved at the first occurrence.

For every cause, there is an effect. Nothing happens without an underlying cause. Whenever we face any problem related to our daily life or a complex business scenario, we tend to deal with the problem based on our past experience and seldom give it a fresh look. Root cause analysis online training will help you to approach the problem in a systematic manner. To put it in simply, fishbone analysis is done where all probable causes are collated that may have caused the problem. This needs to be done in details so that no probable cause is missed out. Just looking at the fishbone diagram, one can see all the probable causes.

Once this is done each potential cause is taken up separately and drilled down to reach to the root cause. The most widely used technique is “5 Whys” in which each potential cause is repeatedly asked “why” till we reach to the root cause and find actionable points.

Once actionable points are decided, it is important to decide on an execution plan within a specific time frame. This part is not only critical to the success of the problem-solving project but also would need active participation and contribution from the cross-functional departments. Lean kaizen training would help you to organize such kaizen events effectively. While planning the event, the deliverables and the scope should be well defined and an agenda will be developed. This will guide on the decisions like kind of data to be collected and analyzed before the event, identifying participants in the event, duration of the event etc. A kaizen event will ensure that the actionable points are well understood by all the departments involved and thus would ensure smooth implementation.

There are many reputed organizations which provide such trainings. This will definitely help you to develop a systematic and detailed approach to dealing with a problem and finding out an appropriate solution. After completion of the training, you would become a more effective manager and would be able to take positions with higher responsibilities.

Lean Kaizen training and root cause analysis online training are offered by many leading institutes that offer onsite as well as classroom-based training.


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