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How a 5-day Minitab online training itinerary looks like

Posted by jokerfontano in Business on October 5th, 2018

Does the Lean 6 Sigma white belt program have any relationship with Minitab? There is a direct correlation between the two, though Minitab is perhaps used more by green belts and above. However, it is a good idea for someone to go through the Minitab online training while they are pursuing their white belt certification. The knowledge of Minitab is always helpful when someone is working on Six Sigma projects and as someone goes up the hierarchy, they find it easier to adapt to Minitab.

Anyone can become a Six Sigma white belt – they have to go through a formal training and certification though. A white belt is a workhorse in a Six Sigma team, even though they can only work part-time in Six Sigma projects. But there is no Six Sigma experience required for someone to enroll into a Lean white belt program.

The Lean 6 Sigma white belt program covers the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma. A white belt, after getting certified, gets a lot of learning from working on Six Sigma projects. The job of a white belt is to support the project team and help with solutions to local problems. For this job, the knowledge of the fundamentals is enough. This is why it is a good idea to go through the Minitab training when someone is pursuing their white belt.

The Minitab training itinerary
Minitab training courses may differ depending on who is delivering the program. Some companies also want the program to be customized to suit their requirements. But the core of the program content remains the same because the fundamentals of Minitab are same for everyone.

Given below is the spread of the content for a 5-day Minitab training program.

On the first day, you will learn the basics of Minitab and understand the concepts like data entry and its manipulation, operating on worksheets, importing files, descriptive statistics along with how to use the basic graphical methods.

Day 2 covers topics like basic statistics and Minitab, analysis of measurement systems, Confidence Interludes, process capabilities and outliers and transforms. You will also get a glimpse of the real-world practice of Minitab.

Your third day will be spent exploring the concept of relationships in Minitab including relationships among variables. You will learn about data varieties, correlation and regression and ANOVA tools. You will also learn about hypothesis testing.

Day 4 includes statistical process control in Minitab and topics like sample size calculations and varieties of control charts.

The final day is spent on the learning the design of Experiments with Minitab, its outline, synopsis of various categories, experimental methods and Full Factorial and Fractional Factorial.

Some of these topics may look alien to you and here is where the skill of the facilitator comes into play. If the facilitator is world-class even the most complex topics among those mentioned above will seem easier. This is the reason one should always choose a renowned training company to get their Minitab online training. The same goes for the white belt program too.

Minitab online training is essential for anyone looking to work on Six Sigma projects. This training should be gone through when someone is also doing their Lean 6 Sigma white belt certification.



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