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Look out for Lean six sigma updates to keep yourself well informed

Posted by jokerfontano in Business on October 5th, 2018

You will find many institutes offering Six Sigma training and certification through traditional classroom, online, blended, onsite and live webinar modes. Choosing the right institute is very critical for the quality of training you receive. A good institute will have a strong online presence and you will find their website to be rich with information and Lean six sigma updates.

Lean methodology in Six Sigma has been designed to eliminate non-value added activities from any process or system. Lean is aimed at driving out seven kinds of waste that generally occur in the manufacturing industry. These are defects; over-production; non-utilized human resource; waiting time; transportation; motion; inventory and excess processing. These kinds of wastes can take place in any workplace and therefore Lean methodology has found inclusion in a wide range of industries.

Lean Six Sigma is an amalgamation of two powerful ideas: Lean and Six Sigma. It is naturally a hybrid methodology that ensures that every process is improved. So, both variance reduction and waste removal have worked together to present brilliant results. For sustainable improvement it is important to be aware of the recent tools and techniques which can be learnt from Lean six sigma updates.

With updates, you will be introduced to the latest trends in the methodology and how they have been implemented in a better manner. For example, Lean Six Sigma has been very effective towards process improvement for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. For these industries Lean is more than algorithms or workflows. Reducing waste in healthcare industry has more implications than just increasing efficiency of the process. It is a significant step towards a greener world. For pharmaceuticals again, the target is to provide the right product, to the right customer at a fair price and without ignoring safety. All these can be achieved with Lean Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma methodology allows us to understand and visualize our processes to the minute detail. There are sectors, where there are a lot to manage and not all of them are quantified or measured. With Lean Six Sigma you can have a better data tracking with tools like Heijunka systems, Kanban boards and spaghetti charts. The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) framework presents a disciplined and structured approach in problem solving. This will refrain you from taking arbitrary decisions and help you to take logical and rational decisions each time during the lifecycle of the project.

Lean Six Sigma also helps in changing the culture of a team or an organization. If your organization has processes involving controlled experimentation and in-depth analysis of its results it needs Lean methodology and its statistical tools. Voice of the Customer or VOC has been used as the foundation for quality improvements in many functions, for example, in supply chain.

With quality you will be introduced to these ideas and the training can be tailor made considering your workplace and your job responsibilities. So, look for the institutes that have a pool of well-trained mentors and facilitators who can help you understand the process fully and relate to the industry you are working in. With a good training, you will be able to implement the knowledge leading to great improvements for your organization/business.

If you are looking for continuous operational excellence you should watch out for Lean six sigma updates. Enroll for near your locality and improve your organization’s efficiency.


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