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What do you learn in lean Six Sigma certification?

Posted by jokerfontano in Business on October 5th, 2018

What is Lean Six Sigma? It can be described as a two-stage approach to drive your organization’s goal for continuous improvement and achieving more efficiency. With Lean Six Sigma Certification you will learn to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize inefficiency in processes.

Creating enhanced customer satisfaction and lower resource wastage lead to near perfect efficiency for any processes. Six Sigma methodologies also aim at reducing product and process variations. So, with Lean and Six Sigma working together you can expect a system that will reduce costs, retain business and increase customer satisfaction. Also, when employees of the organization are made aware of Six Sigma, they become more motivated to work together as a team and contribute to the organization’s process improvement. At the personal level, it also improves their career prospect within and outside their company.

In Lean Six Sigma White belt certification, one will be introduced to the history of lean Six Sigma and its ideas, methods, tools and program structures. After this introduction one can help their organization to meet its objectives, which is to eliminate non-value added activities/items. The certification also helps them in identifying variability of key process outcomes. Data-driven decision making will also be discussed so that they can later pursue statistical software packages for data interpretation.

With Green Belt Lean Six Sigma some important concepts like 8-step approach and 7-basic tools will be introduced. They will then be actively working on Six Sigma projects along with their regular jobs. The projects can run for four to six months during which the professionals learn to implement their knowledge and gather more experience for subsequently taking up higher responsibilities.

Coming back to the question of what is Lean Six Sigma, we would like to take you to the basics of DMAIC. These are the five steps, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and control that are followed for process improvements. Once you have learned to follow them and removed wastage (non-value added steps/process) from the system you function at near perfect efficiency level. The process is a continuous one and to be reviewed periodically to bring in new systems and processes under the tenets of Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma certification has different content for people with different level of experience. Newer employees may be nominated for White or Yellow Belts, whereas employees who have finished their Green Belts may be required to go for Black Belts. In an organization, there will be a few who would be capable and knowledgeable for mentoring other Six Sigma team members. They will subsequently take up Black Belt and Master Black Belts.

So, before joining a training program you must find out your level of understanding and consult the expert facilitators from leading Six Sigma training providers and join a training program as per your schedule. The programs are extremely flexible and you will always find a time slot suitable for you. Find out the prerequisites for joining the course so that you are able to take the maximum benefits of the training offered. These facilitators are highly experienced and will always be able to clear your doubts taking up examples from your field of work, thereby making it more relevant for you.

What is Lean Six Sigma ? When you enroll for Lean Six Sigma certification you will not only learn the basic but will also be able to use this methodology for process improvements.


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