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Things that can affect your Internet Connection

Posted by waterloowireless in Internet on October 5th, 2018

Having a high-speedand fast internet connection is important for all. We sometimes spend more money to get a faster and the best connection. But still, no matter how good the connection is, the speed seems to fluctuate or go off. Many internet service company in Ontario provide the best of the best but we still seem to face some issues which could get annoying.

Here are a few things that are usually responsible for your low-speed internet connection. Generally, the service providers are able to detect them and some may have no knowledge about it. Below are a few general ones.

Type of Connection

The type of connection that you have opted for may not be the best suited for the area or location you are living at. Research well and have a basic knowledge about what type of connection maybe the best for you, according to your area. There are three major types: fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), which is rare to find, fiber-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), which is most common and ADSL which uses copper telephone lines. If using ADSL connection, being far away from the exchange could give you low speed.

Number of Connections

How many devices are connected to your modem? The number of devices connected will drain out the connection and thus results in low speed. Make sure to switch offdevices when they are not in use to avoid this.

Quality of cables and Router

The quality and condition of your cables and router are also very important. Make sure to see that they are in good condition and if they have worn out, get them replaced. Place your modem or router in a good spot in your home so that it reaches every device, otherwise, it will affect the speed again.

Weather Conditions

Most cables used for internet connections are weatherproof but some weather conditions might affect them. It is unlikely, that a rainy weather would affect it but a storm could certainly do it. The cables could break in those conditions.


The devices that are connected must be virus and malware proof to avoid low speed. Download anti-virus software for this. There are also many free ones available that can do basic scanning for you. 

Time of Usage

The time of the day or night can also affect your internet connection. Using it during peak hours usually must be avoided. There are many people using it at the same time and that can affect your speed. So if you want high speed, then use your internet in the non-peak hours.

These are just the most common reasons that most people overlook when their internet speed slows down. Make sure to look into all of these aspects before you can call your service provider for complaints. Unlimited home internet plans in Ontario offers many plans to choose from which can give you your desired speed and usage. Most times, solutions are right in front of your eyes but we still overlook them. So keep these points in mind the next time your speed goes down.


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