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Additionally RS updates have changed runescape substantially

Posted by Megaomgchen in Gambling on January 3rd, 2020

Idk - Alot of PR bs imo. This is a gambling industry issue. I hate to say - But it requires things to intervene and govern them and they wont cease. Ganna be huge damage to the community and morale. People have already left, its getting empty, jmods are currently leaving too - taking away their expertise. These types of things have already caused damage. Word and runescape gold 2007 Word wont work. Advertising is shit. More mtx will be unattractive to new runescape players. People people who have quit wont be sure to return. Whole stream just fell flat. I dont think'activities' are the activities that are required to create things healthy again. Its more'actions' for legal reasons so they can continue. I prefer being advised that upfront. Thats essentially what this stream did. Its better than no communication. Didnt really learn anything new. Very evident shauny was not there also. He's a massive loss for people and them.

This makes no sense at all, mythic is"only kill bosses" and runescape participant skill. The same as Telos. Perhaps you need to run heroic first to get sufficient equipment but you also need to conduct low enrage Telos to reach high enrage.The difference is your outlook on what's important in runescape. If you are only seeking to PvM in RS3, it"doesn't impact you" either outside gold. Also let's not pretend that using a disgusting quantity of gold to buy BoEs on expansions doesn't contribute to world first kills in WoW.

Additionally RS updates have changed runescape substantially over the years as well, you can not let me"vanilla" RS2 and RS3 are near the identical game. RS updates are free and the number has dwindled recently that is a discussion for different threads no matter how the expansion debate does not have any true relevance.I expect we both agree that money shops in general and having the ability to buy currency is not a good feature. That aside you can't compare the top 0.1% of runescape players using gold to buy very minimal upgrades, (devalued by titanforging and divide runs) for the literal world first raid to the ordinary joe with 1.8k total and too much cash to spare buying literal bis equipment in most slots to blast through their aberrant spectre task, skipping all manner of gear development.

And only further about the argument is equally osrs in the form of runelite and wow at the kind of curse forge support ui alterations and runescape player QOL. Yet rs3 doesn't support this and also have monopolised on it by charging to the bare minimum.So if you want to attack runescapes features as a whole because of your political feelings involving actiblizzard as a whole, I can only see that as being disingenuous. I agree that what J allen Brack and people in the upper echelons do is disgusting for its human rights movement.

That said, yes BFA has been arguably the worst expansion, we could both agree with that; mythic raiding isn't fun with the way dumbed down my class is, buying mythic equipment runs Is Really a problem though not as poor as buying bonds and betting for runescape gold reviews your bis, locking off aesthetic progression by selling top quality advanced mounts and transmogs through the Money store and RAF is disappointing to say the least, therefore why I (a avid collector) and 90% of the runescape playerbase detested that BFA brought in more shop mounts this growth than previous ones combined


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