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Learn more about purchasing quality gram scales

Posted by abigaylemark in Home on January 25th, 2016

Buying a scale is most likely something you are not confronted with everyday. For most people, the only scales used in their household, on a daily basis, are the kitchen gram scale, to monitor food intake, and the bathroom floor scale for body weight surveillance, both used for health reasons. Obviously there is an entire market online for such items, especially when it comes to those used in the industry, and they vary in price and design according to the purpose they serve. This means there is a wide range of scales for people to choose from even when it comes to those used at home. It is thus recommended to research on specialized websites such as to find the most suitable device for your weighing purpose, for the most attractive price. Settling just for any item found on Ebay or Amazon may turn out to be a disappointing venture, ending up in inaccurate measurements or the short life span of the item.


Amongst the many types of small size scales (which can be used at home as well), the gram scale is one that everyone should have because it can be very useful for measuring the weight of all sorts of things (baby food, cooking quantities). Gram scales come in different models, with the capacity to measure between 150 or 200 grams up to 3000 or 5000 grams. They are usually digital scales, with small dimensions; easy to fit in a restricted space they can be placed either on the kitchen worktop, in the workspace of labs in schools or industrial offices or in shops. They can be battery operated (with simple or rechargeable batteries) or plugged in for direct power. They may work with a single unit of measure or have operation modes which allow the user to convert the units. Models vary in dimensions, platter size and maximum tare, display quality and of course price.


The price of a gram scale is usually dictated by the brand and of course, the better the quality and capacity to measure more weight the more expensive they become. Ideally they ought to be able to weigh as much as possible, but still be of a considerably small dimension. Prices range from about 69 USD to 100 USD for the simplest models and from 192 USD to 245 USD for the more sophisticated items. The client’s decision on what to buy should be influenced on the budget and the importance of the scale for its purpose. For example, if you are buying a gram scale for yourself, to quantify the amount of food your prepare on a daily basis, then a cheaper one should suffice. However, if you are a professor looking for lab equipment for academic research and you are buying in bulk, for 10-30 students, then you might want to consider more robust devices, with longer battery life, which can stay active and withstand the repeated tests of a considerable number of people. The costs may be higher in this latter case, but they are worthwhile and within the budget of an academic institution. Keep in mind that buying in bulk can be cheaper so your situation may give you an advantage.


Shopping online is very convenient and buying quality scales ( at affordable prices has never been easier. Please take a moment and visit our website and learn more about our products. You may find that we have the perfect gram scale ( for your household (and it may be on sale!).


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