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Some important things to know about breast augmentation

Posted by catrionagracie in Health on September 29th, 2018

Deciding about breast augmentation is exciting as well as overwhelming. From choosing the right implants, selecting the specialists to managing your recovery, there’s plenty of information and opinions. It seems like the more you learn, the more questions you have in your mind. Here in this article, we have highlighted all the important things that you need to know about breast augmentation.

What is breast augmentation?

This process is performed by expert surgeons to enhance the size as well as shape of the woman’s breasts. It is done traditionally with implants which increase the fullness of the breasts. The breast augmentation cost at Wellness Kliniek is quite affordable and the surgery is done by skilful and highly experienced surgeons.

Why opt for breast augmentation?

There are many things like aging process, weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding that may cause the breasts to sag and lose their volume.

Breast augmentation can be done for the following reasons:

  • Enlarge the breasts which are naturally small
  • Restore the size and shape of the breast after pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss.
  • Restore the symmetry if the breasts  are unsymmetrical
  • Restore the breasts after breast removal surgery or mastectomy.

Breast Augmentation process

The breast augmentation surgery is done under general anaesthesia by making strategically placed incisions in order to conceal any resulting scarring as much as possible. The selected implants are inserted and the incisions are closed. This process can take up to one to two hours to complete. In order to enlarge the breasts, a breast lift may be required and can be performed during augmentation.

There are three main types of breast implants:

  • High cohesive silicone breast implants or solid gel
  • Hydrogel breast implants
  • Salt water breast implants

Natural breast augmentation is also offered at Wellness Kliniek in which the augmentation is done with your own fat. The breast augmentation cost mainly depends on the choice of breast implants.

Getting back to normal

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you won’t be out of action for very long. The healing process will be closely monitored by the surgeons. You can return to work in about five to seven days. However, more demanding movements have to be put off for some time. The surgeon may advise some post-operative exercises to relieve any discomfort.

Breast augmentation can restore your bust as well as your confidence. If you value your beauty and especially, your profession needs a presentable look then breast augmentation will make you love yourself even more.

To know more about breast augmentation process at Wellness Kliniek, you can visit You can request free online personal advice or take an appointment for a no-obligation-consultation with the best plastic surgeons to clear all your doubts.


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