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Top Speed Trains of India in Present Time

Posted by rahulydveseo in Travel on December 27th, 2019


India is a splendid and diverse country. One thing that keeps the different corners of this stretched nation connected is Indian Railways. Indeed, it won’t be wrong to state that this mean of transportation is the spine of this country. Every person can afford railways and hence traveling in India is no worry.

In this post, you would get to know about high speed or top speed trains in India.   You know to fulfill all the needs and necessaries of the folks, Indian Railways introduced various facilitated trains with high speeds, massive capacity holding, and moreover luxury trains also taken into the force to satiate the travelers from all over the world who wish to explore India. Also, remember that India Railways is striving its best to get many more efficient trains for folks to make their journey smooth and stunning.

Gatimaan Express-12049/12050

In the present day, Gatimaan Express is the top speed train in India. It has a tremendous speed of 160 Km/h. It encompasses only two major tourist destinations, these are New Delhi and Agra. This train chases the 188 Kms distance between that of H Nizamuddin and Agra within the time of just an hour forty minutes. Moreover, the facilities that are available in this train are also appreciable because it equips fire alarms technology, bio-toilets, automatic sliding doors, multimedia accessing, GPS-based passenger information. And even that of a restaurant on board with North Indian and South Indian exclusives also the finest facility providing by the train. You can enjoy Food Delivery at Train as well. The train runs every day except Friday as the Taj Mahal stays closed.

Bhopal Shatabdi Express-12001/12002

It is the first train of the Shatabdi Express series and even it is the second fastest train in India. It has 150 km/h extreme speed. It tours in between New Delhi and Bhopal with covering a huge distance of 707 km in eight hours 25 minutes at eight halting stations. The train is completely air-conditioned and it serves meals, snacks, coffee/tea, water bottles, etc. Meals are going to be covered in ticket fare only. And the train owns 14 AC chair cars and 2 AC First class, so it is not hard to understand that this train is chiefly for seating. Its maximum speed is 150 km/h and it runs every day.

Mumbai Rajdhani Express-12951/12952

It might interest you that the foremost train introduced the reservation system in railways is Mumbai Rajdhani Express. It is one of the fastest trains in India having a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The train runs via Mumbai Central to New-Delhi by encompassing 1,384 km in 15 hours 42 minutes. The train covers nearly the western part of India with six halting stations. Mumbai Rajdhani has one AC 1st class coach, five AC 2 tier class coaches, and even eleven AC 3 tier class coaches.


So, these were a few of the many amazing, top speed trains of India. Have you ever traveled to any of these? If not then you should and you might feel privileged. After all, speed, facilities and ease; these are catered to you at reasonable pricing!



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