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The Ins and Outs of Rotator Cuff Surgery

Posted by Medmonks in Health on September 27th, 2018

The first and foremost treatment of choice for patients with a torn rotator cuff is rotator cuff tear surgery. In a majority of cases where the person is detected with a major tear due to over-involvement in physical activity and sports, alternative methods that are non-invasive in nature including, rehabilitation exercises and therapy are used as the primary mode of treatment.

Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery

In case, you have experienced a tear in the rotator cuff, and conventional procedures fail to help, you will need surgery for sure. The surgeon will perform a surgery to correct the tear. The surgeon uses steps as mentioned below:

1. Before the surgery commences, you will be asked to position yourself in a laid back half-sitting arrangement. This allows the surgeon to have better access to the patient's shoulder joint.

2. The surgeon uses a general anesthesia to execute rotator cuff surgery in most the cases. However, even local anesthesia is used in some cases. When a local anesthetic is given to you, it helps in blocking the nerves that travel through shoulder and arm which in turn allows the surgeon the start of the procedure.

3. In case you are given a local anesthetic, you will experience no pain but will remain conscious throughout. Also, you might be given a sedative to help you relax through and after the procedure.

4. Finally, the surgeon performs the surgery using various techniques such as

1. Debridement- In this procedure, the surgeon uses an invasive technique to remove the impaired tendon tissue.

2. Repair-repair is done by rejoining the tendon to the arm bone.

3. Rotator cuff impingement surgery-During impingement surgery, the bone is eliminated from acronium to allow more space for the rotator cuff to move.

4. Bursectomy- Bursectomy is a technique used to remove the damaged or inflamed bursa.

If you have a partially torn tendon, the surgeon treats it by eliminating the scarred tendon. Nevertheless, if you have fully torn tendons then it calls for repair. Now, In case you suffer from fully torn tendons, then the operating surgeon uses the following steps to treat it.

Step 1: The surgeon cleans and removes the scar tissue.

Step 2: The surgeon makes a trough into the upper arm bone.

Step 3: Then, the suture anchors are screwed into the trough in the bone.

Step 4: Finally, the tendon is sewn back to the bone with the help

of anchors.

In addition, rotator cuff tear can be treated with the help of impingement surgery and bursectomy.

Finally, when the rotator cuff tear surgery has finished, for quick recovery and rehabilitation, you will be suggested to undergo exercise and therapy. Exercising regularly will promote healing, and you can quickly resume daily functioning.

With best quality infrastructure, advanced medical instruments and top-notch medical expertise, India is the best place to have a rotator cuff tear surgery at a fraction of the cost.

Get a rotator cuff tear surgical treatment at a premier Indian medical facility now!


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