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Knowing About the Divemasters and the Divemaster Training Programs

Posted by divemasterinternship in Business on September 26th, 2018

We all know the popularity and craze if the water sports. There are several water sports which are enjoyed by the people of all age groups. Water sports are very popular specifically in the coastal areas. Some people do and follow these water sports for professional purposes while some do it for recreational purposes. Although in both the cases you must learn swimming and diving nicely first because water sports are really fun unless it causes a tragedy. Water can be dangerous for those who are not trained or confident enough to get inside a water body. Also those who take up water sports also must know about the tragedies and accidents that happen while you are inside or underwater. They must know how to cope with spontaneous tragedies.

As mentioned above every person who takes up water sports must know all about it and get trained very nicely in order not to get injured or face death. This expertise training is given by divemasters.

A divemaster in brief:

  • A divemaster is a coach or a mentor who leads and organizes water sports. He is a professional who becomes a mentor after a long training. The divemaster is along with the students all the time.
  • They coach their students theoretically first and then practically. The main role of a dive master is to organize and supervise recreational water sports. They also assist the instructor in conducting training programs and events.
  • A divemaster holds several other bigger responsibilities. He examines the diving site and picks out the hazards of the diving sites and informs the divers about that. He also tells the divers regarding the interesting spots of the diving site and also explains the route of diving.
  • The divers are often trapped or face some underwater difficulty if they take the wrong route but the divemaster helps the divers in navigating the proper routes. A divemaster is also in the water body a boat or at the shore to keep checking on the divers. Lastly, the divemaster also leads the group of divers as a tour guide.

What else should we know about divemasters?

  • A divemaster becomes one after taking the proper training from different associations. While talking about divemaster associations the most popular and highly recommended is the PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors.
  • PADI trains an individual to become a trainer or guide for the contemporaries. The PADI divemaster training is the most popular training for divemasters. The PADI divemaster certification is international and is according to the requirements of the EN/ISO 24801-3:2014.
  • The PADI divemaster internship is also one of the toughest qualifying internship of all the divemaster programs. PADI courses are practical based training programs where they are taught safety, knowledge and motor skills initially.
  • They are also taught about the basic physics and physical strength required for diving. A PADI divemaster qualify all the practical programs to receive a PADI certification.

Apart from that divemasters are also given to work at holiday destinations in many parts of the world. They might work at a cruise, dive centers, diving resorts and at other recreational diving sites. A divemaster is a professional who has great stamina and are great at solving problems spontaneously. Along with everything the divemasters are also taught underwater rescue and problem tackling.


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