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Train the Trainer A must for all trainers!

Posted by kabilan17 in Education on September 19th, 2018

Are you involved in training? Do you think you can impart the knowledge or skills that you have to others? Do you feel that because you own a huge database of knowledge between your two ears you can transfer it effectively to others?

Often it’s a misconception that if somebody knows something in a particular field or is an expert they can easily teach it to others. This mindset has been embedded in us since childhood. At that time when just because somebody scored good marks in exams they were considered a to be good teacher too.

In organizations too, if somebody is highly skilled with a particular machine or doing things in a certain productive way, they are put across as a trainer of that instrument or skill no matter how good they are at delivering training. The person might be a great SME but probably is not aware of the skills required to be a very good trainer. Train the trainer certification courses that enable you to understand how to become an effective trainer have actually gained great popularity and acceptance by various types of organizations and individuals, alike.

An effective trainer

Who is an effective trainer?

  • In order to deliver training sessions that can create an impact for the participants the trainer must do adequate amount of preparation in the form of content and delivery. This trainer will then be able to plan the whole session while also carrying it through in the most efficient manner possible.

  • When it comes to preparation it’s essential that the trainer is able to provide the right kind of accepting and welcoming environment where trainees can feel totally comfortable and free. Trainees must not have any second thought before raising a question to the trainer. This is important so that participants are able to keep their brains active to the best of their ability and gain maximum learning.

  • Another characteristic of an effective trainer is that s/he is able to gauge their participants’ current level of knowledge and understanding very soon and modify the discussion accordingly.

  • This trainer is also able to capture the views of all participants and help them understand others’ viewpoints.

  • The effective trainer has an influential training style and is articulate enough to impress the participants. The trainer has to also be able to take feedback from the participants to understand where s/he stands. Finally, after taking the feedback and as per the suggestions from participants this trainer must be able to modify the content and style. This will ensure that the training content and style gets updated day by day. The trainer will again get to know whether his or her strategy towards how to become a trainer is worth further exploring or not.

As we see and understand that the need for a good and updated training session is so important it is imperative that the trainers working on such sessions must be themselves trained through some kind of adequate train the trainer certification.

What do you think? Do let me know.


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