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Corporate Training as a profession

Posted by kabilan17 in Education on September 19th, 2018

Teachers help a person learn the subjects in schools and colleges. Learning and teaching doesn’t stop after colleges and sometimes even working employees might need a training to gain new understanding of a topic or learn a new workplace skill. Here appears the role of a corporate trainer. You must be aware that if you have interest in career as a corporate trainer a train the trainer certification can definitely help you. But let’s see more about the profession in terms of qualities and skills expected.

Interest in working for people development:

So, basically, a corporate trainer is a tutor or teacher who works in companies and helps working population in the corporate world learn whatever is expected of them. They spend their days teaching employees about new information, developing their skill and altering their inclination towards something that is essential for work. Therefore, you have to have great interest in working with people and in enabling them to develop and grow. 

Depending on the type of organization and culture there, employees can choose what training they would want to take up or the company can send them for the one that might be essential from an organization point of view.

Public speaking:

As far as expectations of a corporate trainer are concerned they must be good and comfortable with large audience and empathetically talking to them. Talking to any experienced person about how to become a trainerwould make you aware of the significance of public speaking. To hone this skill many such trainers are actually also members of various clubs like Rotary Club or Toastmasters International.

Analytical skill:

Additionally, anyone wanting to be a corporate trainer must also improve on their analytical skill as they have to frequently analyze and provide solutions to participants concerning a wide variety of topics. They should be able to correlate a variety and topics and offer insights. They are also expected to conduct needs analysis to understand real needs of the organization. 

Incremental knowledge base:

While training, the trainer must be able to unfold new knowledge base that would make the participants say, “Oh ok, I didn’t know that!” So the trainers have to continuously seek new avenues of knowledge. Reading and listening to people with attention can always aid with improving your knowledge.

Business understanding:

So often many of us forget this aspect of any profession in the corporate world, especially with respect to training. The best of trainers are able to listen attentively, have business awareness and are able to modify the mode as well as content as per the audience and business needs. 

Many more things might be required when you step ahead to get into the world of corporate training and having another senior trainer as a mentor or taking guidance from an organization offering a train the trainer certification can always help. However, just the knowledge of how to become a trainer is not enough and much more is required in terms of action. Is corporate training your interest? Are you ready for action?


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