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Driving lessons in Telford and Newport: Cost effective, convenient and safe

Posted by abigaylemark in on August 15th, 2015

Do you stay in Shropshire? And, are you looking for a qualified and skilled driving instructor? Well, in that case you can take up driving lessons in Telford or driving lessons in Newport. Being just about 6 miles apart, it is convenient for a student to commute from Newport to Telford to take the lessons. Moreover, the instructions are completely designed on the basis of the requirement of the students with pick up and drop facilities available whether from home, college or work. The credentials that you should look for while finalising your driving instructor includes DVSA approval of the driving instructor, Driving Instructors Association membership along with DIAmond Master Driver certificate. 


Experience is something to look out for when you are planning on taking driving lessons in Telford from a driving instructor. Does he have an experience of more than a decade and a reputation that precedes him? If so, then you are definitely in the right place. Students look for a comfortable and cost effective learning experience. Hence the driving lessons are customized according to the need of the students. A friendly instructor who can make the learning experience fun is someone whom every student would like to have as their teacher. Wouldn’t you want that too?


Whether you are taking your driving lessons in Newport or Telford from this driving instructor you will be taught the skill in a He-Man dual control modern Suzuki Swift. The driver’s seat is completely adjustable so that the students have no issues in learning to drive. Moreover, the lessons are not at all hurried. Ample time and personal attention is given to each and every student. Usually one lesson is held for an hour at the max but if the student wishes, they can extend the time as well. Thus, driving lessons in Telford or Newport are completely student friendly.


Driving lessons in Newport and Telford have various types of programmes designed keeping in mind the requirement of the students. There are beginner lessons for those who are learning to drive for the first time. Their strengths are concentrated upon and their weaknesses are eliminated through constant practise and specific instructions. If you already know the basics and are interested in taking up driving lessons in Telford for acquiring additional skills then you can take up Pass Plus, Motorway and Refresher Courses. Pass plus course is for refining the skills already acquired through lessons taken before. Motorway teaches you to drive safe in motorways and prepares you to face the difficulties while driving. Refresher Courses are for dealing with specific problem areas while driving.


Driving lessons in Newport as well as in Telford prepare you for both practical and theoretical tests once your lessons are over. You get a chance to not just learn driving but also a number of other basic road and traffic rules which is important for a responsible and safe driving experience. You can take driving lessons in Telford or Newport based on which is more convenient for you. Your instructor will be able to offer you lessons in both of these locations.


If you are looking for driving lessons in Telford or driving lessons in Newport</a> there is a trained instructor with all the necessary credentials.


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