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Campsites Cambridgeshire

Posted by abigaylemark in on July 1st, 2015

There are lots of people who go on holiday in busy cities and they do not get to relax as much as they want because they cannot get rid of the noise and pollution that are permanently present. If you want to have a quiet holiday and to breathe only fresh air, you should think about going to one of the great Campsites Cambridge, where you will permanently stay outdoors, in a peaceful area. There are many Campsites Cambridgeshire where you can spend your holiday, but you should know that the one called QuietWatersCaravanPark is exactly what you need!

Campsites have become more and more popular over the years, due to the fact that people feel the need to be surrounded by nature, because they are fed up with the agitation from their home towns. If you are one of them and you want to go on a holiday with your family, where you will feel great, you should choose one of the Campsites Cambridge available nowadays! As mentioned above, QuietWatersCaravanPark is one of the most appreciated camping sites where you can come with your family for an unforgettable vacation! Whether you stay for 2 or 5 nights, you should know that the people who own this camp site are willing to provide you the best services that will ensure an extraordinary staying for you.

Are you not convinced of coming here yet? Well, in this case, you should know more about this camp site! First of all, it is owned by two extraordinary people named Linda and Tony Coulson, who provide flawless services to all of their customers, because they have to preserve the reputation of the Quiet Waters that was gained in the past 90 years! This amazing camp site occupies about 5 acres, which means that the spot is very large and that you will not have to stay too close to other people who are there for their holidays. Secondly, you should know that they provide excellent shower and toilet facilities, which means that you will be able to feel like home while you are in the middle of the nature! Moreover, in case you want more comfort, you can choose one of their 35 retirement homes that are equipped with all the amenities that you need!

To get to the QuietWatersCaravanPark just go to their location, which can be found at the following address Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdon, PE28 9AJ. It is a really nice place, near to the River Great Ouse where you can hire a boat and have some pleasant boating trips when the sun goes down. If you just want some more information before making a reservation, then you should send them an e-mail at the following address or you can call them at the phone number 01480463405 and they will try to answer to all of your questions.

All in all, you should look for Campsites Cambridge or Campsites Cambridgeshire and choose the one mentioned above!


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