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A Donation to a Rehab Home Is Not Just a Donation

Posted by adamsmith in Health on September 18th, 2018

People in the Western Cape are concerned about substance abuse and some institutions established themselves to help protect the youth. The treatment services regarding substance abuse are focused on instilling a healthy lifestyle.

You can donate money to a rehab home in Western Cape if you are concerned about your community and saving young lives. The rehab homes or preventative care institutions will appreciate your help and be grateful for the help. (Information source:

There are many cases where young adults and teenagers have had to go through intense sessions and education programmes to distance themselves from substance abuse. The parents are often forced to watch their children suffer from liquor and drug abuse. These parents become helpless as the restrictions they try to put on their children fail to work. Rehab institutions in the Western Cape have in-depth prevention programmes that helps those who have been a victim of substance abuse over a long period of time as well as creates several awareness programmes to prevent anyone from falling into the trap.

FASD Effects:

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) occurs in children if their mothers had consumed alcohol during pregnancy. Children suffering from FASD have growth deficiencies, physical and central nervous system abnormalities, and even mental retardation. The sad truth is that there is still no cure or treatment for FASD. Women consuming alcohol during pregnancy might give birth to a child with physical or mental issues.

To prevent progression of FASD, that is, pregnant women from consuming alcohol, the rehab homes in Western Cape conduct several awareness programmes, show educational videos, etc. Also, as South Africa has a high rate of FASD, the case is quite serious. The prevention care institutions also intervene by recruiting, giving relevant trainings and equipping health workers and volunteers to conduct awareness campaigns in at-risk communities. The aim is to educate women in their childbearing years and at risk to protect their unborn babies.

Donating money to rehab homes in the Western Cape is not just an honourable cause but a process of keeping faith in the society and humanity. Alcohol and substance abuse are serious dangers in teenagers and young adults.

Certain Rehab homes have a 3-level prevention programme where the first one involves educating the children on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. The secondary prevention step usually targets the high-risk groups such as abused women and youth. This programme is usually designed to reduce the severity substance abuse. The last level is directed to those who have already become victims of substance abuse and includes comprehensive assessment care. So, by donating money to rehab homes you will help the community progress and facilitate changes in the lives of children and adults alike.


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