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Decorative Stones for Landscaping: Types and Maintenance

Posted by adamslandscapesupply in Business on September 17th, 2018

Landscaping is a common art nowadays. People want to decorate the inside of their house as well as the inside too. Landscaping is the art and skill of organizing the natural surroundings. It can be a park, your garden, a backyard or a dumpster ground. It includes eliminating certain objects that make the area look messy and adding objects that would make the place attractive. There are several kinds of landscape contractors who take contract for different kind of landscaping. Landscaping includes construction and decoration of the area. One of the major items or articles very popularly used in landscaping is pebbles, stones and rocks of various sizes. In the field of landscaping these articles are called hard space. It is called hardscape because it is the hard article used in landscaping. These stones are decorative landscaping stones. They are used in almost all kinds of landscaping.

Types of landscaping stones:

There are several kinds of decorative stones used for landscaping. These stones are not necessarily shiny or colorful but are authentic and fancy. These stones are collected from all around the world. While some stones are decorated artificially, others are used as it is. These stones include pebbles, gravel, rocks and even shells and so on.

Pea gravel: These stones are naturally occurring colorful pebbles. They are typically used to decorate the yard, garden and the flowerbeds.

River rocks: River rocks are slightly bigger than the pea gravels. These stones have a rustic and fancy look. These are largely used to build low height walls or flower beds.

Sandstone: Sand stones are also very popularly used in landscaping. These stones have a sandy look and smooth finish. Smooth finish means that it does not have sharp edges.

Lava rocks: These rocks are composed of lava. These rocks have a very different texture and bold color. These rocks are highly used in landscaping and decoration.

Crushed granite: Crushed granite look almost like sand particles but slightly bigger. This kind of gravel is used in pathways and pavements for a larger area. The reddish sandy colors of the gravel give it a desert kind of look and texture.

The mentioned above are some basic kinds of decorative stones used in landscaping and garden decoration. While the high-quality decorative stones are found after a lot of search and found, Canada in North America happens to be a large retailer of the decorative stones. Decorative stones Canada sell some of the very exotic stones and gravels. These are not only rare stones but also expensive.

Care and maintenance:

Landscaping stones definitely look attractive and beautiful as long as they are not dirty. After a certain period of time the pavements starts to wear out and the gravels begin to leave its places. This disrupts the look of the entire design or pattern. These stones are required to be changed time to time. It also needs to be cleaned and removal of extra pebbles that settle in the pavement overtime should be checked.

The landscapers itself provide the services of maintenance and care of the stones. Some stones or gravels might be delicate which will require careful handling while others will not require much care. For these reasons you can hire landscapers who will do the alterations and modifications for you.

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