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Qualities of a Good Dive Master and the Requirements

Posted by divemasterinternship in Business on September 17th, 2018

Water sports are very popular sports, especially amongst the youngsters. Water sports and games can be fun and equally dangerous. The popularity of water sports is very high and there are a number of enthusiasts that come forward. Most of the candidates follow or pursuing the water sport are young or teenage people who are always excited about it. Water sport is not possible for the one who is not good in swimming. It is important to be trained as a swimmer before getting into water sports. Swimming and diving are also categorized as sports and has a massive fan following a well as players. People hold nation and international titles in swimming and diving.

For this it is important to be an expert. A person can become an expert only when he is well trained and coached. A coach for such a game is very important.

Why is a coach important?

There are several reasons due to which a good coach is very much required for a sport like this. As mentioned above, water is fun as well as dangerous. It requires some special skills and knowledge and only a good coach can give them to you.

  • For diving, it is important to know the height from which you are going to dive. You also need to be careful as you will hit the water hard and at the same time you should protect yourself.
  • A good coach will teach you these skills theoretically as well as practically. A dive master knows that a student with partial knowledge can injure himself severely and the dive master will never allow such student to attend the sport.
  • A dive master coaches and deals with a number of students. He knows that all the students are different and have their own fears. The job of a dive master is not only to train you for the sport but also to put away your fear.
  • A dive master teaches you the physics you need to learn before diving and swimming. Dive masters teach a number of sports and each different sport has different rules except that they are related to water.
  • People of breathing problems and people with low stamina are restricted by the dive master. It is because the dive master understands the level of danger it can cause to a student.

Your trainer or dive master should not only be expert in water sports but also should be responsible and careful.

What determines a good dive master?

Apart from being responsible and intelligent, there are some technical requirements that a dive master needs to fulfill. Dive master certification is one important title a dive master must possess. This is a certification given to only a professional who has passed all the qualifying examinations to become a dive master. Without this certification, no one can get a job or recognition as a dive master.

After getting the dive master certification, some of them are offered dive master internship. At this internship their skills are tested practically. Their leadership and teaching qualities are tested. They have to train students and when they pass those examinations they are offered permanent professional jobs. If the dive master lacks any skills, he is not sent further, and he might be required to take the entire training again to get a job or a professional title.

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