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Know Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Its Advantages

Posted by Eustacheinstitute in Business on September 11th, 2018

Oxygen is of utmost importance for our life and existence. We breathe in oxygen from the environment and leave out carbon dioxide. Similarly, the cells in our body also require oxygen for normal cellular physiology. But do you know oxygen works as toxic to the cancer cells? Yes, that is true! A person who is suffering from cancer is said to exhibit altered metabolism in his or her cells, at least in the affected parts. They no longer require oxygen.

In fact, studies have found that the presence of oxygen makes the environment a toxic one for the cancer cells. It reduces growth and results in the death of the cells. So, for a cancer patient, it is necessary to increase the supply of oxygen in their body in order to thwart the growth and functioning of the cancerous cells. Extensive research has led to the discovery of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Scientists say it is perhaps the only way to increase the delivery of oxygen (almost 3 times) under normal atmospheric pressure. Thus, they now recommend cancer patients to undergo this treatment to witness quick recovery.

The advantages of hyperbaric oxygen treatment are as follows:

  • It boosts the delivery of circulating stem cells in the body and also promotes the growth of new nerve in the brain.
  • It stimulates the growth of new blood vessel and capillaries increasing the blood flow in the body. Therefore, it enhances the body's natural immune system which enables the body to fight against harmful infections and bacteria.
  • The treatment is effective to reduce swelling around damaged areas at the same time speeding up the healing process.
  • Cancer patients will see the enhanced efficacy of their chemotherapy drugs. Thus, increasing their chances of survival up to 77% (when combined with a ketogenic diet in case of metastatic cancer).
  • The treatment has also proved to be a milestone in autism treatment. A study revealed that this therapy when performed on autistic kids for nearly 40 hours showed significant improvements in their symptoms. Their eye contact, cognitive and sensory awareness, social skills, receptive language and overall functioning was seen to improve.
  • As the treatment stimulates oxygen levels in the bloodstream, it improves new blood cell formation. It also promotes new nerve growth in the brain. Hence, brain functions are restored for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, strokes or neurodegenerative decline.
  • A session at Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers typically takes 30 to 90 minutes with oxygen being administered at high-pressure rates, almost 20 times more speed than which blood is absorbed. This oxygen is transported to the damaged tissues and organs.

Cost of the treatment

It is a very much affordable treatment procedure with minimal to zero risks associated. The cost of the treatment invariably ranges between to ,000. Treatments are also available from to 0 per session.

Side effects of the treatment

Side effects may be seen like claustrophobia, ear popping, brief lasting myopia, and sinus discomfort (mild). Some may also experience mild pulmonary oxygen toxicity. But seizures due to the same rarely occur. It is found that twenty sessions of the treatment reduce a disease efficacy and improves stem cell functions by eightfold.


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