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Know The Advantages Of Mobile Banking

Posted by PrajaktaGaud in Finance on December 9th, 2019

Financial institutions are aware of inventions in the sector and how it has transformed banking practices today. In order to meet the growing demands of the consumer, banks need to adapt to modern innovations. In addition to high-tech banking services, the average customer wants the bank to provide comfort. Mobile banking applications that have taken over the banking world are one of the most important outliers in the FinTech market.

Here are the most favourable advantages of mobile net banking:


Mobile banking does not limit your business transactions to set time and location. You can process your transactions 24*7! So now transfer money, pay your bills anytime of the day. This is beneficial when you forget to issue a cheque or pay your utility bills.

Empowers the customers

Customers can transfer funds, invest, or exchange currency without interruptions or with the help of an intermediary, removes waiting time and quick turnaround on requests.


Delivers paperless account statements directly into customer’s email addresses, while saving the cost of printing, paper and delivery. Less wastage of paper makes this mobile banking apps environment friendly. You can now have your bank statement at your fingertips.

Quick customer services

With smart features of smartphones like the camera, allows the customers to click pictures and initiate requests. For example:  You can submit the KYC documents online instantly by clicking an image of it and uploading on the mobile banking app.

Facilitates location-based services

Tracks the customer's location, allows push notifications for recent offers nearby and protects banking transactions against scams and hacks initiated from unidentified locations etc.

Customer rewards program

Customers earn loyalty rewards in the form of points or discount coupons for transacting via mobile banking apps. You can use these discounts and offers in unique ways.

Safeguard of customer details

It shares instant updates on banking transactions carried out, offers multiple safety features like OTP to registered mobile number for verification via the mobile net banking. If you withdraw money you can an update on your phone through SMS about the transaction details.

Streamline the contact process

This allows customers to use the mobile banking app to get in contact with bank staff. It offers options to call or talk when they are stuck or need help with specific financial resources for assistance and suggestions at any time.

Efficient and compatible

Mobile banking minimises human miscalculations, automates processes, and is a competitive solution for banking. It also adheres without fail to the rules and procedures proposed by the regulatory bodies.

With the help of mobile banking the user can move funds, pay utility bills, check account balance, know recent transaction update, block debit or credit card, etc. It is cost-effective, and banks offer this service at a reasonable cost to the customers.

If you have not started using mobile banking yet, this is the right time to get one and avail all the advantages. For those already using mobile banking make sure to use it well and efficiently.


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