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Main Features of Ridesharing and Carpooling App App Like Uber

Posted by mastersoftwares in Technology on December 9th, 2019

The taxi booking or car-sharing is one of the industries out of all that is updating itself by using all kind of advanced technology. Currently, everybody wishes to book a vehicle through ride-sharing mobile applications. This is the main reason, service providers desire to develop carpooling mobile apps. You must be confused between the taxi booking or car-sharing app and carpooling mobile solution. In this blog, we are going to add all important features that help the owner to make a huge amount of profit. Before beginning the features section let’s have a look at the difference between the car development option and carpooling online software. 

Taxi Booking Solution And Carpooling Mobile Application- 

Through the usage of new techniques, car software is developed by the development companies. An individual can book a car or any kind of vehicle just with a smartphone. Whereas the ridesharing or carpooling mobile app allow multiple users to book a single car. The concept of carpooling is was starting in the 70s. And due to the benefits of these types of mobile applications, this concept was being accepted by the car-sharing companies. Scheduling a ride in less money is one of the most desirable benefits that people love to have that. If you are planning to develop a ride-sharing application then you must go through the features given below. 

  1. Fare Split Feature of Carpooling Online Solution- If more than one user is going to book the same vehicle then obviously, the online solution must enable them to know the fare accordingly. For example- if the same vehicle is being shared by four users then the fare would be split into four people accordingly. This feature enables the users to pay accordingly after splitting the fare. 

  1. Chat Feature- This feature allows users to communicate with each other. For example- In case of any problem, users can easily chat with the driver. Just like other communicating platforms, every user can talk to another without switching to other chatting applications. Such kind of features helps the owners to develop a user-friendly solution-

  1. Choice of Choosing Vehicle Type- There are many types of vehicles. In addition, service providers offer different vehicles such as- cars, sedans, SUVs, etc. This is because people demand such vehicles. Therefore as a service provider, you can easily categorize them into different categories. The fare varies for each type of vehicle or size of the taxi in a carpooling application. 

  1. Option to Choose Different Taxi Drivers- Like choosing a certain type of car, people can choose a certain type of taxi driver too. Because of the feature of rate and review, one can choose the driver too according to the rating of the expert. 

  1. Proper Categorization of Different Packages- Every mobile user desires to book a car may choose the best package according to the need. This feature enables the owner to set the classes of all types of packages. Some of the examples are-

  1. Pay Packages

  2. Hourly Basis

  3. Distance-Based

  4. Nigh Packages 

Rest of the features can be set according to the need and demands of the customers. If you have a unique feature to add in the ridesharing application, you must discuss it with the ridesharing app development company.


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