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Kennel systems: The Varieties Sold in the Market

Posted by abigaylemark in Home on January 17th, 2016

When you have infants and children at home, pets are best kept outside homes for the sake of their health and hygiene. Owing to this growing necessity to have dogs housed safely and comfortable in a standalone unit that is safely away from homes, kennel systems have grown in popularity and variety. In contrast with the timber-made rickety varieties that serve the aesthetic purposes better than all others, these steely counterparts are many time more useful. Steel-made dog kennel systems have multiple advantages when it comes to comparing with their wooden equivalents.

External Boxes

The models come galvanized, keeping in mind their year-long exposition to the climatic conditions. They are encased with polypro plastic that works as a shield without obscuring visibility from or to outside. Chew-proof as the rest of the models, your dogs’ canines can even leave as much as a small dent on the construction. The domestic cages also have provisions to arrange your dogs the right kind of bedding. Being spacious, you can compartmentalize the boxes into playing and sleeping sections. Ask your kennel manufacturer to link each of the rooms with a flap entry and exit way.

Free Standing Boxes

The free-standing boxes are ideal for pups in particular. The free standing ones are spacious enough to house the little ones as well as their essentials. You can hoard their chews and toys inside or scatter them around so that they have something to bite on for the whole day. The cages are also very roomy. So, the inmates can easily roll over their back to scratch their bodies or play around inside their home. These dog kennel systems are very tough and require very little maintenance. Being galvanized, they do not get rusty from exposure to moisture. They have a special lift-up top feature which makes them all the handier.

Whelping Boxes

The best thing about these whelping boxes is that they are not the kind of enclosures that the pup sellers warn not to keep your pets in. All the same, these kennel systems do not compromise the safety of your vulnerable little friend by exposing them to natural perils. These cages are great to keep the pups warm and protected from the cold outside. It is also keeps the puppies away from their mother to avoid the risk of smothering. These ones are built of solid steel that are not just durable, but are high on hygiene. They are sheltered with solid roofing and encased sides and bases. So, whether it’s raining or snowing, the dogs inside will be warm and comfortable inside.

Bespoke kennel systems are widely available through Lancashire. They also offer housing units for pets of other kinds. The most common products found with them, other than kennels are catteries.  

Looking to buy kennel systems from a dependable manufacturer? Call us today to order your dog kennel systems with maximum customization at minimum pricing. 


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