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Promotional Video Production: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted by robertsjennifer in Business on December 5th, 2019

Promotional videos for your business provide a visual aspect to your content that will enhance your audience’s senses. Visual representations of your company’s features and your array of services supplied through a clear and well-presented video will help you gain business. 

These videos should be detail-oriented and engaging. Within a high-quality promotional video, you are telling a story about your company and the process that goes into making your services available and useful for your current and potential customers. 

The Components of Your Promotional Video


At the beginning of your promotional video, it is important to address the name of your company and what your company does. 

You must take into account that your audience may not understand the complexity of the business. A percentage of your viewers may be watching your company for the first time or watching in order to understand how to use one of your products. 

Consider this as your introduction to the world! If you want your company to be known for anything, your promotional video is a great way to develop this idea.

Provide A Deeper Explanation of Your Brand

In your video make sure to incorporate the questions “what, how, and why”. Within each segment derived from these single words, answer the questions for your audience so that they can gain a clear understanding of the entirety of your business. If they had any questions, it should have been answered within your video. If you provide considerable value and the viewer still has questions. It’s likely they’ll ask you directly, creating a lead that you can later foster and develop into a client.  

When the promotional video production process is done correctly, it will help your company build credibility. Increased credibility of your business will generate more referrals and new customers because there would be a foundation of trust and satisfaction between you and your consumers. 

Search engines will include videos pertaining to the keywords placed in the search bar. They respond very well to videos. A search engine uses additional promotional videos for business-related content, so creating a great and engaging promo video will help your social media ranking. 


People love to see bright and colorful depictions and animations within a video. The color schemes and tones within your video help to express the ambiance of your brand.

This can be accomplished by a promotional video production team that specializes in graphic design, editing videos, and color correcting.

A mix of colors associated with your brand should be a part of the video at some point depending on the setting of the video. A clear and fresh presentation of your company will deliver an exceptional demonstration of what your business has to offer. 


The music used in the background of your promotional video is essential. Motivational speeches or a narrator throughout the video, dramatic music, lighthearted music, classical music, and hip hop beats can be great uses of audio for your video.

You will need to have in mind and assess what kind of music will fit the mood of the kind of content you are providing. If your brand has a signature song or sound, that sound will definitely need to be integrated. 

A commentator or voice-over can play a large role in your video’s success. Their clear and definitive voice will prompt the audience to act, engage and continue listening to what is being said.

When you work with a skillful marketing agency, the audio for your promotional video will be recorded in a professional studio. The use of high-grade microphones and talented voice-over artist will help to make your video that much better. 

Call To Action

After the promotional video for your business, your viewers should have the ability to take action afterward to check out your products. Examples include a link to your website, an animation to your social media page, and so forth. 

Your promotional video will also boost conversion rates encouraging those viewers to take action if they were continuously interested. Taking action can mean, buying your product or services, following your brand on social media, or sharing the video. 

Social Media

Promotional videos tend to get shared a lot through multiple social media platforms. Social media contains various large platforms that can aid in the increased engagement of your online business and acquire more customers. 

Consistent posting of your promotional videos will over time reach more and more people. 

Engaging content on social media is a must. Providing a bunch of information in a short amount of time can be done! The information that you post online needs to hit a few key points, be relatable and beneficial to the viewer. 

Social media users have a very short attention span. They are scrolling repeatedly until something catches their eye. This will be the goal of your promotional video. You want your video to catch the eye of an unsuspecting scroller.

If you are in need of engaging content to create further revenue, a marketing company with a fully equipped video and video editing team is the best way to go. A professional promotional video production team with innovative technology is a great way to begin using promotional videos for your business to start bringing in revenue. 

People would rather listen to a 2-3 minute video about your company than read about it. Inside this short video, the marketing company can provide all of the information needed in order to inform your audience properly. 

Hiring a hardworking marketing agency to take care of your promotional video production and video marketing tactics, your content will be able to reach millions of audiences and potential customers. 

At the end of the day, your promotional video will make an impression on your viewers letting them know that you and your business are serious about their imaging. If your business is ready to branch out to help more and more people, contact the best marketing agency to help you coordinate what your business is wanting to achieve and ultimately facilitate long-term success.


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