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Five Tips to Improve your Custom Printed Lotion Boxes Tips

Posted by richardhuss in Business on December 3rd, 2019

It is time to take moisture baths!

Yes, winters are not coming, they actually is here, high time to keep your skin moisturized or else you know, cracked skin, patches around the mouth, and that irresistible itching.


With the arriving cold, there are a lot of brands that offer various lotions, creams, and body butter in the market with the soft, smooth, and silky skin claims but you know what? Customers only get the product that hit their sense, no matter how amazing the one right next to it is. During the season it becomes hard for the companies to competitive other businesses but is it not impossible, thanks to customization.

So, if you do not want to face the same rejection of your product this season then you must think about changing your packaging. Customized lotion boxes are the way to go for you because it is only (or at least the most important) packaging that can give you the mind-blowing success with your product. Customization offers companies all the freedom in the world to create their packaging the way they like from scratch, whether it is the material, shape, size, or design.

The packaging is not about just containment but it plays an important role in developing the image of the brand and also helps in boosting the sales.

Let’s look at some tips that could make your packaging impressive and expressive.

  1. Use high-end material

The material of the boxes plays an important role in determining the quality, durability, and sustainability. All of these factors develop the fate of the product and the brand in the market. For instance;

  • Cardboard is the strongest material in other alternatives that are capable of adapting to any shape and size with ease.
  • Paper is highly biodegradable and recyclable, which develops a responsible image of the brand. Sustainability increases sales as consumers are more inclined towards eco-friendly packaging.
  • Corrugated cardboard is the toughest of them all. It is high in quality and has a more defined and fine texture which makes it premium.

Go for the materials that represent your brand such as if you want to create sustainability your motto then go for Kraft paper and if it is a presentation you care about the most, then rigid boxes are the best.

  1. Prioritize the functionality

Protection and appearance are not enough and are of no use if the box gives big-time trouble in the opening, closing, storing, and disposing of.

Sometimes even the most outstanding boxes fail to make it to customers’ cart just because oh it has a very hard opening, or these boxes do not keep the product intact.

Design your lotion encasements that are leak-proof, protect the product from water and moisture, have a feasible closure, and can be used as a storage box for the product in future.

  1. Design wisely

Customers do not have enough time to read long paragraphs from your boxes; they are already tired of all the fuss at home, kids, pending errands, and other life issues. Do not give them a single more reason to hate life. Use imagery, attractive patterns, symbols or illustrations to convey the message effectively, rather than using too much text.

Get your boxes printed in alluring designs that instantly grab the attention of the customers such as;

  • Vintage
  • Floral
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalistic
  • Geometric
  • Lines
  • Doodling
  • Custom stickers

Be creative and imaginative with what you put on the box because it creates the first impression on the customers that lasts the longest.

  1. Excellence is in the quality

Quality is the most effective determiner in judging the worth of the product. It also gives an idea about the quality of the product that is packed inside the boxes.

Custom lotion boxes with laminations give the most luxurious and finest outlook. These are available in different finishes such as glossy or matte. These laminations create a protective covering that enhances the strength and durability of encasements along with quality.

  1. Incorporate individuality

The most important reason that a product fails to make its mark in the market is monotony. There are a lot of companies that offer a similar product and almost all the products look the same in their folding cartons with typical flower images and logos.

Customers need something new, different, and authentic, which they can trust. Custom printing makes it possible to be original with your product packaging. Boxes with uniqueness in their shapes such as cut-out cylindrical or tube boxes printed in brand-oriented designs and laminations will speak for the brand because no one is going for tube packaging for something as normal as a lotion.

Here’s the good news for you!

Custom packaging in wholesale gives companies the cheapest possible rates than any other alternative in the market because wholesale vendors deal in bulk orders. So, the higher the number of products, lower the price per unit.

Make these small changes in your packaging and see things work like magic.    


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