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How To Install Window Shades For Small Kids

Posted by novusautoglass in Business on December 3rd, 2019

Driving on a smooth road in bright sunshine can be quite relaxing and reinvigorating for some. However, it is a nightmare for a child. Small kids have sensitive eyes. The bright sunlight can be harmful to them. You will soon have your children bawling their eyes out as they can’t stand the brightness of the sun’s rays. So, what to do about it? The simple thing to do is to shield the child’s eyes and stop the light from bothering them. Window shades can work well in such cases. They can stop the nagging light of the sun to enter the car window and trouble your kid. So, how can you install them in your car? Let’s find out.

Installation Process

The installation process of window shades is not that difficult. You just need to place the shade on the window of your car and position it such that it shields your child. You will need something to keep the shade in its position. Fortunately, most of the types of sunshades available in the market come with either hooks or suction cups for this purpose.

If there is a hook then you need to place it on the upper edge of the car window. You will need to lower the window glass a little bit to install such window shades. You might need to turn off air-conditioning to install this sunshade. As for sunshades with suction cups, installation simply requires placement of the suction cups on the window and securing the shade onto them.

There are some sunshades available in the market that don’t need any kind of suction cups or hooks. They have a special clinging technology that allows them to stick to the car windows. The static cling keeps the sunshade from falling to the ground even when the car is going at higher speeds. Such sunshades are easy to install and you can even change their position without having to take them off the car window.

Things to Keep In Mind When Installing Window Shades

The most important aspect that you need to keep in mind when installing window shades is that the window should be cleaned off before the application of the sunshade. If there is dust on the car window then it would make it difficult for the sunshade to stick to the window glass. This is particularly evident in the case of the sunshades that rely on static cling to stick to the car windows. You won’t be able to make them stick to the glass unless the glass has no speck of dirt on it.

Another thing to watch out for when installing window shades is that they need to be positioned properly on the car window. Make sure that the sunshade is offering sun protection to the child as it is supposed to. To ensure this, you will have to place the window shades with the child sitting inside the car on his/her child seat. This will allow you to position the sunshade as per the needs of your baby.

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