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Why You need Cork Underlayment

Posted by gabrielfulton in Home on August 31st, 2018

Property owners who are in the market for a flooring material that is renewable, durable and attractive will love to hear more about cork flooring. Cork has numerous uses and it has become highly popular among residential and commercial property owners because of its unique characteristics. Numerous people install cork underlayment and they are very happy with the results it provides.

Most people have ignored cork for a very long time because it is available in a traditional brown form. What they did not know is that cork flooring can be found in an impressive selection of finishes and colors. Also, few knew that cork is an ideal material for floors and a very practical and affordable option. The first obvious question that comes to your mind is: should you choose cork floors for your property or not? This is a very practical material and it can be used in all sorts of settings. Also, it is much softer than most of the other flooring you can find on the market, being perfect for homes.

Cork can be used successfully to minimize noise and to insulate a room. This material is available in different grades and its overall price depends on various factors such as: the square meters of your floors, the material you currently have on the floor, the condition of the floor, the kind of leveling it needs and the type of cork surface you want. Also, you should not forget that you will need a polyurethane sealer and you will have to hire a professional installer to get the job done right. Before you go ahead and hire someone you should make sure it is qualified, insured and that he will install your floors without any problems.

It comes as no surprise that more and more people have decided to use cork as an underlayment. It is useful to know that cork layers are available in different thicknesses, the most common of them being of 3 mm and 6 mm. These sheets are easy to work with and they have great insulating properties as cork behaves like a thermal and acoustic insulator. You can achieve a thermal insulation with a 6 mm underlay that will offer you the peace and quiet you opt for.

Moving on, this type of underlayment can be used under any laminate flooring product, under solid hardwood floors and even under ceramic tiles. As you can see, cork is highly versatile and you can use it with confidence to create wonderful, long lasting floors. Why should you spend a great deal of money on hardwood floors when you can obtain the same elegant floors with cork and enjoy all the other advantages it brings? Cork is designed to last for many years and all you need to do is clean it regularly and pay attention to the cleaning materials that you use. How does this sound?

We are happy to put at your disposal the finest cork flooring that will transform any space into a comfortable, elegant place. You can also contact us for cork underlayment that offers you the best value for your money.


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