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Making Live Uncluttered and Easy - Innovations for the Modern Day Television

Posted by Darlene880 in Technology on August 31st, 2018

Self-channeling window flings, de-cluttered wire cords, a smart curtain raising and moving system, home alarm systems, and automated lighting and fan installations, isn’t it like 2050 came early; it’s not!  We are still the same, the plant needs water, and the earth is rotating fine on its axis. What has changed is the way things are molded and folded for convenience.

Start by taking the example of a simple ladder. Years ago we had long-heavy steps which were carried with great difficulties. Nowadays, simple teloscopic stairs can be folded and kept aside when not required then taken out of hiding when the need arrises.

Similarly, mounts, add-on assembly kits, and other creative products can comparatively make your life less cluttered and add space to your house and living. Get creative, and find ways to make the most of our space. Add a movable TV wall mount to your new modern home. Yes, you heard that right! To watch your television wherever you want and at times make it disappear is a clever approach to saving space.  Your visitors will appriciate the beauty of a picture verse looking at a black box on the wall. And for you, the convenience of flipping the picture 180 degrees to start watching TV is a delite.

Extended TV mounts?

When usage of the flat screen or LED television in your bedroom is very low or you want to hide your television from your visitors conveniently and quickly, use the Extended Flip Out TV mounts.  A beautiful piece of artwork hides your TV and hides the cords and wires.  When you are ready to watch TV, extend the mount out to a perfect viewing position for your favorite television show.
Installation: On a standard 2x4 wall, the installation process can be carried out with ease, and you do not need to modify the wall. Moreover, the whole process of installing your Hidden Vision TV is simple and a great alternative to traditional TV lifts, art lifts, TV mirrors, or television frame covers, makes the product extremely popular in a smart-home.

What else can you do?

The Flip Around TV mounts rotates your screen 180 degrees without moving aside your furniture or doing anything extra.  You can enjoy the benefits of binge-watching a collection of movies without leaving your couch.  This smooth transition from art to television, whether you are in the kitchen having breakfast or in the livingroom, gives you quick access to watch TV or looking at a picture on the wall.

Author’s Bio: The author is an avid blogger and the article is about extended TV mounts. For more details, visit


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