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Some women might be appreh

Posted by DMT in Food on August 28th, 2018

We send flowers to our mothers Semyon Varlamov Jersey , sisters, our grandmothers and best friends. Why can't we send flowers to the men in our lives? Everyone loves to feel special, even when they're part of the male species. What better way to show our dads, brothers, and boyfriends that we care for them other than through flowers?

Some women might be apprehensive at the thought of sending flowers to a man. They might think it's too aggressive a move or that it takes away their femininity. Fortunately Patrick Roy Jersey , we're out of the dark ages! Indeed, a survey by the Society of American Florists show that over 60% of men they surveyed would like to receive flowers on Valentine's Day. Additionally, today's world is all about female empowerment while still retaining good old fashioned values. To help women decide which flowers to give, here are some tips to guide you in choosing flowers for your man.

Research has shown men are visually-oriented and are stimulated very much by color. They seem to prefer bright, vibrant colors such as red Mikko Rantanen Jersey , orange and yellow. Floral arrangements that have linear or natural styles and those that look contemporary are best. Avoid giving him a "fluffy" or "poofy" bouquet of flowers in traditionally-feminine shades such as pastels. You also won't go wrong with greens or flowering plants. Orchids are neutral flowers that can be appreciated by both men and women. They come in an array of colors such as purple, chocolate and dark green which can be arranged in a masculine-looking vase. You can also give black roses such as the Hocus Pocus or the Black Magic. They don't look morbid at all; in fact, they are quite masculine and they can make for a very nice floral arrangement especially when they are put in a nice container holder made of leather. If you want to test the waters a bit before giving him flowers, try giving him a potted plant or a dish garden and see if he has favorable reactions.

When sending flowers, try to determine the best time for a man to receive flowers. Consider such occasions as his birthday or a recent promotion. If he sends flowers to everybody else for these occasions Gabriel Landeskog Jersey , chances are, he would love receiving them on his special days too. Another great occasion for sending flowers would be during a barbecue or a party. For these occasions, a casual table centerpiece would make an ideal gift for the host. Also, just as women like to receiving flowers for absolutely no reason at all, or just because Nathan MacKinnon Jersey , a man would surely appreciate a surprise flower arrangement.

If you are unsure what to give, try asking your florist for ideas. Tell your florist that you would like to give flowers to a man. Give him more specific details about your recipient. For example, if your husband has a hobby, or a sport, you can include that in your floral arrangement. You might include a set of golf balls or a pair of tickets for a basketball game in your floral arrangement. Such thoughtful Matt Duchene Jersey ,



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