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Enjoy Countless Hours of Exhilarating Fun with Happy Wheels Online

Posted by abigaylemark in Computers on January 13th, 2016

If you’re a fan of physics based games with excellent graphic and hilarious characters it’s time to get familiar with happy wheels. Discover some of the features that made this game so popular.

The creator of happy wheels can be considered as a Quentin Tarantino of video game designs, because of the intense gory action exposed. One of the great features that brought happy wheels to the attention of worldwide gamers is the violent graphic. The tiniest, seemingly superfluous impact can lead to blood flowing continuously till the end of the game. The funny part is that if you succeed to keep your torso you might even finish the level victoriously, though drowned in a river of blood. Another great thing about happy wheels is the user-generated content, the fact that you can personalize your playing experience to a high extent. If you prefer so you can even change the blood amount setting for experiencing a different perspective.   

You might not fully enjoy happy wheels online if you don’t know some facts about your options, about personalizing features and controlling the action. Apart from getting really familiar with controlling movements, you must also know what to expect from available characters. There’s the wheelchair guy, the segway guy, the parent and kid on a bike, the shopper, the explorer, the helicopter man, and a few others. Most levels are players generated, and you can switch from one level to another, as well as from one character to another. The goals aren’t the same for each level. Sometimes you just have to make it to the finish line. For achieving this you must keep your torso or head uninjured. There are skill testing obstacles such as giant spiders, gravity wells, spikes, exploding buses and others. Sometimes you have to collect tokens, while some levels are designed with non-existent goals.

Getting out of your vehicle and walking can be a serious challenge in this game. You need to figure out how to use arrow keys in order to eject your character. Most players agree the easiest character to control walking is the wheelchair guy, as strange as this might seem. However exploring on your own can be more fun than sneaking a peek to see how other players managed to accomplish victory. The level editor feature is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to learn advanced techniques. You can create events, make objects move, invent traps for players when they reach a specific situation, and so on. The extensive range of features is another thing that makes happy wheels online so popular with heavy players or beginners.      

Watching videos of others playing the game can also be a good occasion to learn more about your options and simple ways of accomplishing tricky levels. You can gain easy access to playing happy wheels online and discover on your own the functions that are constantly praised by so many players. Have a good laugh with happy wheels online!

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