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Prepare a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan On AWS

Posted by NowlesNorman in Other on August 25th, 2018

Backing up and having a plan for when disaster strikes are vital for any company and individual. Thankfully when you are using Amazon Web Services, you are on a reliable, cloud-based platform. Through it, you can find both flexible as well as scalable solutions to meet every one of your backup and disaster recovery needs. Because of this, it also saves users thousands of dollars having to put together infrastructure only for it to get shaken up after a few months or years later.

While AWS provides a great solution, there are still things to be mindful of. You can’t just get away with putting together something and see what works. Even the most helpful tools can be utterly useless when you lack a well thought out plan. With this in mind, consider these tips when looking at putting together your plan

Don’t Equate Your Backups With AWS Disaster Recovery. While it’s important that you backup regularly, backing up doesn’t always mean that you are preventing disaster. As Scott Ross stated once before “Disaster recovery is not backups.” Instead of disaster recovery is more of having a process, procedures and policies in place that pertain to the preparation for both recovering and continuing of the technology you are using. In English, this means simply backing up doesn’t do you much good if you lack a policy or a process that will quickly retrieve those backups and use them properly.

Prioritize What You Need: Backup/Recovery Costs Vs. Downtime Costs. Of course, with every strategy that is a success, you need to have a plan in place that is geared towards satisfying your own needs. What this could mean is considering between two costs: the costs of backing up and recovering everything versus how much money will be lost while you are in downtime. With this in mind, you want to consider how well your company can last without losing masses of cash in the process. If your company can do that well, then you could get away with a less expensive plan. On the other hand, if the lack of data will cause havoc and chaos, you’ll want something more expensive.

Identify Critical Info & Data/ Know Your AWS Disaster Recovery Options. One thing we didn’t mention in this is the RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective). We can’t get into detail about those right here, however, these two elements are important when selecting a disaster recovery option as well. Even without those two things, you may have a priority on certain areas that are critical. With those in mind, it would be smart to consider those options that cover those needs. Some of the most common critical points to consider are things like:

Backup and restore

Pilot Light

Warm Standby

Multi-Site Solution

Being familiar with those methods is critical in knowing your options so be sure to know them.



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