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Responsibilities and Training of a Dive Master

Posted by divemasterinternship in Business on August 25th, 2018

Dive master is a very popular title held by the mentors in water sports. This is an international position given to the ones who have qualified for being a dive master and trainer. A dive master trains, guides and coaches students to learn water and underwater sports. The students can be adults, kids and the ones who are preparing to become a dive master. Dive masters are mentors as well as motivators. All the divers and scuba divers look up to them for guidance and motivation. For becoming a dive master, you must have to go through a special training and qualify examinations.

What is the training for dive master?

  • Dive masters go through a special training and examinations for becoming a dive master. In this training they are taught different sets of skills and knowledge. To become a professional you must possess some special skills like leadership and confidence. Here you are taught to handle your students and how to keep them motivated.
  • You are also taught intellectual and interactive skills. Being a dive master is not simply about the books and the printed content. If you are a dive master, you should know more practically than theoretically. So, unless you are interactive and fully intellectual with your students you cannot train them practically.
  • Water and underwater sports are practical sports. Studying them in theory is not helpful unless you do them practically. So, the dive master has to be careful with his students too. He has the responsibility of a number of amateurs, novice and beginners who are required to be trained very carefully.
  • A dive master is not only responsible for them when they are over the water but also when they are underwater. The dive master also gives you tips on water or else underwater emergencies and how to save yourself in case. Thus, we can conclude that a dive master is very important. He needs to focused highly towards his students and be fully dedicated.

Dive master training and internship:

Being trained to be a dive master is a tough task. After a lot of struggles and hard work you are given the dive master certification. PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructorsis one of the most reputed institutes for all kinds of dive master training. PADI has an international recognition and the ones receiving PADI dive master certification are also recognized worldwide. With this certification you can become a dive master for any training institute in the world. PADI is a very prestigious institute and offers training to become all kinds of dive master. PADI membership is given to certainly qualified candidates and is very high in males. The number of females has also increased but the number of males’ id unbelievable. There are several competitions and events hosted by PADI for the professionals as well as the enthusiasts. They are also awarded trophies and prize money. PADI also serves recreation water sport training. They also train to be dive master to the ones who are interested and want to learn water games for recreational purposes.

Dive master internship is very important for becoming a recognized and reputed internship. Once you are fully trained and have all the theoretical and practical examinations, the institute sends you for an internship. If you qualify the internship successfully, you are fully fit to be a dive master. Thus, being a dive master is quite a responsibility and becoming one is quite a task. 


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