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Complete set of tips & an intuitive guide to create an on-demand taxi business

Posted by scottrollins in Business on November 8th, 2019

The endless hours of waiting and bargaining fares to book a ride is outdated. Nowadays, with a click on the smartphones, customers can start a ride-hailing service. Taxi booking app like Uber has enormous market value because of the high demands. The Uber app helps to control the dispatcher system, provide friendly customer service, and adapt to the local needs of the users. 

The prosperity attained by Uber in the taxi industry lead to the development of the Uber Clone app. Many aspiring entrepreneurs inspired by the success of Uber entered the taxi business with the help of Uber-like an app. The primary victory of an Uber app is because of the user-friendly platform and convenience provided to the riders.

Developing an application from scratch costs a fortune for an entrepreneur. Clone apps like Uber have brought a significant result in the taxi business. Here are some tips for budding and existing entrepreneurs to set up a taxi booking business with an app like Uber.

App Launching

For more number of users, the app should be launched both in the Android and iOS platforms.

Modes Of Payment

The app should have the feature of both card and cardless money transfer for the trips. Also, the app should be built in a way to make secure payments. 

Estimation Of Fare

The users should be notified about the fare with accurate calculations before they take their trip.  Many subsequent issues that usually happen for fare can be entirely avoided with the option of a prior estimation of fare.

User Account And Wallet

The user can register in the taxi app using their personal contact information such as email and phone number. They can also register using their social media account in the app to make their trips. Customers can also sync their bank account with their wallets and make direct payments online via their taxi app.

Choice Of Cabs For Comfortable Rides

Users also have the option to choose the right cab as per their need such as SUV, sedan, mini-van, and so on to enjoy comfortable trips. 

Safety Rides For Customers

Before taking the trip, passengers can view the information about the driver. Information such as name, experience, driver’s profile is available for the user to enjoy safe trips. The feature of GPS tracking helps users to live-track their rides. Additionally, customers can also share the live location and trip details to their family and friends.

Promo Codes and Offers

Users can use special promo codes to make their trips. The promo codes and offers can also be shared with friends and families to increase the visibility of app among users. 


It needs a lot of effort and skills to manage the business effectively. Taxi application reduces the burden of many entrepreneurs and helps them manage their business easily. AppDupe is a leading clone app developing company delivering white-labeled clone apps like Uber. They also help entrepreneurs save time and money by providing quality Uber Clone Script for the success of their business. Contact AppDupe today to know about the best deals and offers.  


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