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Hormone Receptors and the Diseases It Cures

Posted by Umbrellalabssarms in Shopping on August 3rd, 2018

There are several artificial drugs that are used for body building by both men and women. We call these drugs as steroids. They are very popularly consumed as they interfere with the natural bodily processes and stimulated faster growth of your muscles. Most such drugs and steroids are considered harmful as it quickens the natural processes of the body. It is easy to make muscles using steroids, but they have several side effects. They can cause several physical issues like blood pressure, skin irritation, and hair fall and so on. But people still continue to consume these drugs to boost their body growth artificially.

There are several steroids under the SARM and SERM that actually are considered high quality steroids. They are synthetic molecules that bind or stimulate the growth of certain hormones. SARM is Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and SERM is Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator. SARMs are for men as they stimulate or destroy the growth of male hormones. And SERMs are for women as they interfere with the release of estrogen in female body.

More about anabolic drugs:

The drugs and steroids categorized under SARM and SERM are medically proven and have minimal side effects or ill effects. They are not used for body building but several SERM and SARM are used for medical purposes like, to treat muscle atrophy and induce vaginal atrophy.

  • The major difference between SARM and SERM is that men consume it mainly for body building while women consume it for body wasting and for physical problems like osteoporosis, vaginal atrophy and breast cancer.

  • Estrogen receptors are occasionally also consumed by men in case of hypogonadism. This refers malfunctions of male and female gonads that are testes and ovaries.

  • Men also consume androgen receptors for treatment of muscle wasting and also to prevent it. As mentioned above SARMs are medically proven and have minimal or no side effects. MK 2866 Ostarine SARM is an androgen receptor that provides several benefits along with the treatment.

    • It provides restrained but consistent growth in the muscles and its size.
    • Provides better strength
    • Provides increased endurance
    • It can also heal joint problems
    • It is anabolic so, it works even on minimal consumption
  • Doctors recommend consuming the MK 2866 once in a day. This SARM is also rich in nutrients and protein. It provides slow but inevitable growth of muscles and also defines growth for those who are suffering muscle wasting.

  • LGD 4933 Ligandrol SARM is another such SARM used highly for the treatment of osteoporosis and conditions of muscle wasting.

  • Osteoporosis is a condition where the chances of bone breakage increase due to weakness of bones. It mostly occurs in old aged women or in the women who have just had their menopause.

    • It increases tolerance in the people suffering muscle wasting
    • Increases body mass
    • It prevents cancer cachexia

Thus, there are several androgen/estrogen receptors that help in a number or diseases like hypogonadism, osteopenia, cachexia, sacropenia, infertility and breast cancer and so on.


These drugs are mostly recommended to consume orally. Such drugs have a lifetime of 12-16 hours per day, so it should be consumed only once a day. Since, these are anabolic drugs; a little consumption of these will also influence the issue. Anabolic drugs promote the growth of tissue at the targeted body part.


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