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How to become a trainer

Posted by kabilan17 in Education on July 23rd, 2018

Many individuals these days once want to be a soft skills trainer but don’t know where to start. The same had once happened with me and it was one of the most confusing times of my life. I had completed my graduation as a computer science engineer to finally find that programming and such technical stuffs didn’t interest me.

Then, I started to act towards it rather than think about it. Because, just thinking is a waste of time. I visited various websites delivering good insights on how to become a trainer and scanned through the benefits of several train the trainer certifications in Bangalore and across India. This was very helpful and then I found a mentor who gave much more clarity on how I could take the steps.

Picking on such a course out of the numerous happening all around is a daunting task. And, the process might be tiring as well, when you don’t have much insights or guidelines for the same.

When wanting to choose such train the trainer certification, usually there are a few government bodies that offer it. ISTD is one! And there also are many private certifications offered by various organizations. The latter are short-termed! However, it is also significant that one doesn’t forget their own skillsets with respect to the same. To be a trainer the major skills would be:

Communication skill: One of the most driving competencies of a trainer is their communication skill. It doesn’t mean the person has to be talkative but must be able to express themselves and articulate difficult ideas in simple, understandable terms. So, communication, almost, has to be flawless since that is what will catch your audience’s attention. Not to forget, your listening skill also plays a major part in your communication with audience.

Willingness to learn: You would have to go through numerous websites, books and other documents to gain insights into various topics. And usually your knowledge should not be limited to only one topic but spread over an ocean of topics. Continuously improving on your knowledge and skills is the one major aspect that would bring change in clients resulting in laurels for you as a soft skills trainer.

Marketing: Starting off as an individual you would require lots of this skill. You should be able to use various resources to put forward your profile to the clients. Only then will you be able to build your soft skills training business.

So, go ahead and find a good train the trainer certification for yourself. And in fact such certification institute can further guide and mentor you on how to become a trainer.


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