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Understanding The Functions Of Gages

Posted by Thirdcoastgage in Business on July 18th, 2018

Tools are everyday needs for all purposes. There are different tools for various tasks. There are small tools for regular purposes and colossal tools and machines for heavy purposes. Nail cutter is for cutting the nails, a hammer is for driving nails in the wall and for hitting things like wood, a measuring tape is a tool for measuring the length and width and so on. A larger machine is a tool for mending iron and glass while other larger machines and tools are used for fastening and loosening. So, tools are a regular necessity for multiple purposes and tasks. Gage or gauge is one such tool that is very commonly used to make measurements of different dimensions of an object. This range from very complicated gauge to simple gauge. There are various types of gauge for measuring different types of objects.

What is a gauge?

A gage or a gauge is a machinery tool identified in engineering and science. It is used to make measurements of an object from certain dimensions. There are several tools that serve this purpose, but a gage is very popularly used. A gage can measure the dimensions of different parts of a machine. The quantity a gage is entitled to measure is the thickness, diameter of a material, the amount of gap in space and the pressure of flow. These are the major tasks of a gage.

There are several types of gages but one of the most widely used is the thread gages. These are also called thread pitch gage.

  • A thread pitch gage is also called a screw gage. In simple explanation, it is used to measure the screw thread which is not fit in a hole or any such cavity.
  • A thread pitch is very commonly used by mechanics, engineering and technicians. This tool does not give the exact measurement of the screw thread rather it gives the overall dimension of the thread which helps the mechanic to distinguish and categorize it according to its width and density.
  • It also saves time as the user do not have to waste time in separately weighing the screw thread and then categorizing it.
  • The API thread gages are commonly used at petrol pumps and in their machineries. The API gages are available in all types like extreme line casing, regular, full hole, extra hole, tubing integral joint, line pipe and so on. America is one of the biggest manufacturers of different types of gages.

Thus, special training is required to use gages. There are several scientific theories that apply while using any type of gage. Along with that, you must also know to use the gage in a way that does not create a malfunction in the future.

Calibration and measurements:

Gage calibration is the groundwork upon which a good program is built. It is important to investigate the base before building anything on it. Calibration helps in determining the scale and strength of the base and the creation. If the calibration gives negative results, it is better to recheck the foundation and ensure the security. The calibration of gage determines the deviation of the measurement from its true value. If it is deviated there might be an accident, while the calibration recognizes it; it can be fixed. Thus, calibration is more like an investment and not an expense.


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