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Places to visit in Tibet

Posted by gototibet in Travel on October 25th, 2019

Sometimes going for a trip helps a lot to refresh your mind and free yourself from the day to day mundane schedule. Travelling acts like a therapy. You can travel with your family, friends or even go for a solo trip. Out of the several beautiful places that you can visit, one of them is Tibet. It is really a gorgeous place. You have the Tibet travel agencies whom you can contact for making all the arrangements that are necessary for traveling to Tibet.

If you have decided to travel to Tibet - for a long time now and have already bought the tickets for, then perhaps it is time to work on it. Start working on the plans of places to visit after you decide the duration of your stay. You must visit all those places in Tibet, during your stay in the land of Monks and snow. Some of the popular and unique attractions of Tibet are listed below for you to make your work easier:

1.Treasures in the Potala palace

This is a true symbol of Tibetan ancestry with its towering height. It has the treasures that were mentioned in the Tibetan culture, history, art and religion. You will find all these in this beautiful and intrinsic red and white royal building of the by gone era. It is also considered to be the iconic ‘roof of the world’ destination and inside this, you will find a vast number of precious murals, sculptures, religious works of jeweler, Buddha statues and antiques as well. In most of the Tibet tours and travel, this place always gets a special treatment. In order to protect and preserve the building, the visitation of this place is limited to just an hour.

2.Spiritual Jokhang – place for prayer

This is a temple in Tibet where the pilgrims from several other areas of Tibet step in as they consider it to be their spiritual point that is auspicious for them. They offer their prayers in front of the temple after which they take a journey around the temple. They do it in clockwise direction only.

3.Sera Monastery – check out the debates

The monks are known to gather at this monastery courtyard in the afternoon – each day, wearing their authentic robes – red in color. They debate on several matters using interesting gestures and some of them even are active physically to emphasize their point. The people visiting the place find this to be an interesting one for observation.

4.Lake Yamdrok

Tell your Tibet travel agency to take you to Lake Yamdrok. It is known for its scenic beauty which mesmerizes almost anyone who visits it. This water body is of a warm shade of greenish blue or turquoise when the days are clear. You can see the villages that are situated near by the lake and the beautiful Fields full of yak within the vicinity of this lake. Visit this lake from April to October as the roads are closed in during the other colder months because of snow.

Getting in touch with a Tibet travel agency will help you plan your visit in a better manner. Planning them out well before starting your journey will actually help you a lot when you go there. Tibetan culture will actually offer you a lot of monasteries and relics that you can visit and check out a piece of land full of peace and love.


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