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10 Best Beaches In The World

Posted by travelandvisit in Travel on December 27th, 2015

The idea of hitting the beach destination sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well, we're almost there. In order to help get the process started, we accumulated the most popular 10 beaches in the world.

Lake McKenzie in Fraser Island, Australia

There isn't any salt to tingle your eyes, because this all-silica beach is on a crystal clear, fresh water seaside -- undoubtedly one of the cleanest on the globe. Fraser Island's also among the largest sand islands featuring an ancient rainforest.

Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

While not as hidden as the name might propose, this beach is said to have been formed by the Mexican military detonating test bombs during the early 1900s.

Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

There’s a reason this luxurious tropical beach was utilized as the foundation for the cult movie The Beach, and that reason is most likely that they needed one of the world's most beautiful tropical beaches in the movie. Or, it could just be less expensive to shoot a movie in Thailand.

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It is probably the most photographed beaches in the world. The city's as tantalizing as its sexy locals and this famous party beach is your thrill to totally not stare from at the rear of your aviators.

Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia

Besides being extremely panoramic, it’s also the location of the Rip Curl Pro -- the world’s longest-running surfing competition (since ’61). You already know, presuming you’re an energetic beach-goer. Bells Beach is around the incredible Great Ocean Road, around 150 mi stretch of Australia's southern coastline. Also, there’s a close surf break called Boobs.

South Beach in Miami, FL

One bikini's skimpier as opposed to next (and a few girls don't even bother with them) thus, making this an excellent destination for a people watch. Just don't stare. While alcohol's not officially permitted on the beach, you'd need to do something pretty crazy to have anyone trouble you about this. Plus with pool celebrations going on night clubs down the street from the ocean, at beachfront hotels, and spring break-y spots like Mango’s Tropical Bar, the celebration doesn't stop when you step away from the sand.

Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Not named Bioluminescent Bay for absolutely nothing, Mosquito Bay's the world’s ultimate example of this sun light show, that takes place when dinoflagellates are disturbed and give off a trail of neon blue like a dripping glow stick.

Glass Beach in Kauai, Hawaii

As we all hate having sand in our swim trunks, this destination has the clear, glowing blue, and brown glass small stones that cover this beach are a view to behold. Based on science, it took the ocean about 3 decades to create them.

Rockaway Park in Queens, New York City

Of course, it’s not a particularly panoramic -- or even thoroughly clean -- beach, but for an incredible number of subway bound, nature-deprived New Yorkers, it's the greatest they've got. Also, nothing can beat mocking a pale, out-of-place hipster concerned about getting sand in his custom messenger carrier.

Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece

Paradise houses the best sand on the Aegean, and Mykonos is known to be a wild celebration hotspot. Collectively, that's enough to make the list. There’s a month-to-month full-moon party, and Tropicana Beach Bar is actually ranked one of the top beach bars on the globe.

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