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How Free File Transfer Is Improving Communications

Posted by adamsmith in Technology on July 10th, 2018

One of the most important tools at the hand of businesses in the modern age is the ability to share files online. The implications of this file-sharing system are far beyond the simple act of sharing. It encapsulates the notions of productivity and a sense of security. It embodies professionalism and the easy accessibility to data. The free file transfer system enables convenience as well as not hurting our pockets.

Many virtual services enable their customers to send and share files easily and without any hassle. In this case, files can be anything from your favourite music song to professional presentations and anything in between. The free file transfer system is not location-specific and thus you can share the files on the go with your colleagues, friends, and family. (Information Credit –

Why You Should Use File Transfer Applications:                                        

File transfer applications are present in most electronic gadgets – ranging from mobiles, laptops and even tablets. Once the application is downloaded by you, you can forward the application download link to your contacts or even share a customized download link on social media sites for easy accessibility.

Furthermore, the application enables you to enjoy features like a high data cap per file transfer (20 GB), around 50 recipients for the said transfer, a dedicated address book to keep track and customizing your file transfer for maximum effect.

How Does This Free File Transfer System Function?

 There are two basic methodologies to share your files with individuals on your contact list:

a)    Directly send large or small files to your contacts

b)    Attain a customized shareable link and pass it on to your contacts for them to access it

Here is the process:

1)    At the very outset, you need to select the files you need to send and drag it into the designated space

2)    Fill the form as per the methodology you intend to select i.e. direct sending or sending via a shareable link

3)    Once you have filled the form, you can simply press “send” and the process will be completed and your file hence sent

There are many features provided by file sharing applications like:

a)    Protecting your file transfer with a high-security password

b)    Selecting the expiration date of the file transfer

c)    A maximum of 50 recipients per transfer

d)    A secured and safe HTTPS transfer

e)    You can monitor and notice the receipt (when it reaches your contact) of the transfer

Why You Should Trust the File Transferring App with Security and Safety

  • The file-sharing applications in most cases personally ensure the secrecy and the safety of your files. They do so by virtue of utilizing intra-site communication using HTTPS (SSL Protocol)
  • The data that is transferred using the respective site’s services is neither viewed nor resold for commercial purposes. Emails are only sent to those individuals who sent files recently due to one of the following two reasons a) unavailability on part of the service or b) any major policy change affecting the entire business.
  • Furthermore, the data that is sent is in most cases located at a highly-secure and Tier-III certified data centre in Western Europe.
  • There will be no long-term commitment on part of the customer, as he or she can cancel the services when he or she so wishes.
  • Availability of a personalized chat service to urgently answer all queries pertaining to the transfer of data.

The Process Of Sending Files To Your Desired Contact

A user can send all files to his or her desired contact barring executable or hidden files. Furthermore, the same user can send 4GB or 20GB of data on a given day depending on the subscription he or she opted for. A user also has the option of sending up to five files in a given day – enhancing his options of sending multiple files at different time slots. Moreover, the user can customize his or her contact list and even send directories.

In conclusion, it must be stated that free file transferring systems are one of the easiest, fastest and most convenient ways to share data with an individual or a group of individuals. With its multiple security features, lax data restrictions and customized support – it must be stated that file transferring is irreversibly shaping our modern-day communications.


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