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How could you beat Myopia?

Posted by MedMonks in Health on July 9th, 2018

In the past two decades, myopia has become one of the most common refractive errors that our eye faces. The studies haven’t concluded down to any specific cause for this illness, but some doctors trace its root in the constant use of computers, backlit devices and tasks that require extended hours of near vision.

The symptoms

Myopia could be figured out by a number of symptoms, this includes

  • Difficulty in reading distance signs
  • Distant objects appear blurry while things near you could be clearly seen
  • Squinting or straining of eyes accompanied with headaches
  • Feeling fatigue while doing activities that require distant vision

If you have experienced any such symptom with your eye recently, it is necessary to schedule an eye examination to get it treated.

How does it happen?

Myopia happens when your eyeball grows too long as compared to the focusing power of your cornea or lens of the eye. This condition shifts the focal point of light rays and they focus in front of the retina rather than focusing on the retinal surface. Myopia could also occur when the cornea and/ or lens of the eye gets too curved for the length of the eyeball. Sometimes it can be a result of a combination of both the above-mentioned conditions.

It is seen that in most of the cases, the myopia gets diagnosed in childhood and stabilizes as the adulthood arrives while sometimes it could even progress with the increase in age.

What is degenerative myopia?

Myopia is quite common amongst us and we all have grown habitual to it. We now consider it as nothing more than a small inconvenience, but there cases where myopia could have a serious impact on the eye health. In degenerative myopia, the eyeball keeps on getting elongated and there is a rapid progression in myopia which could lead to loss of vision. Though the case of degenerative myopia is quite rare.

Advances in medical science have made treatment of degenerative myopia possible with a combination of laser surgery and drugs.

Treatment of Myopia

Myopia could be corrected by using a pair of glasses or contact lenses without much of a hassle. Whether or not you would need to wear it continuously depends upon the degree of your myopia. Often you might need to wear glasses or lenses while doing tasks that require distant vision if your prescription is not that high.

While choosing glasses you can go for high-index lenses for a better quality and lighter weight. There are some photochromic lenses available that protect you from UV rays from sunlight and eliminates the need of carrying a separate pair of sunglasses along.

If all the solutions seem temporary to you and if you are longing to permanently resolve the problem of near-sightedness you should consider going for a refractive surgery. There are two major types of refractive surgeries you could opt for those are:

  • PRK

In PRK doctor uses laser to remove a layer of corneal tissue which makes it a bit flat and allows the light rays to precisely focus on the retina.

LASIK is a procedure which involves creating a thin flap on the corneal surface, removing some corneal tissue using laser and closing the flap again, this flattens the cornea enough for better focus.

While LASIK and PRK surgeries are now available worldwide, it is wiser option to opt touring to countries like India for affordable treatment. Eye treatment in India is done by leading ophthalmologists experienced in achieving accuracy as well as in using minimally invasive techniques for better treatment. MedMonks is a company that could help you in finding some of the best eye treatment hospitals and ensuring that your treatment goes hassle free.


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