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Leadership Traits - Essentials of a Leader!

Posted by kabilan17 in Education on July 9th, 2018

Traits of a leader
“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be one.” — Marcus Aurelius

Leaders seem to be extraordinary creatures. They surprise almost everyone with the show of their internal strength and how they are able to withstand all surrounding pressures while still continuing to move along with the ones they love – their people. Often, leadership development programs work well to help individuals learn about and imbibe new leadership qualities within themselves.

Also, it is important to know that there are various traits expected out of leaders in variety of contexts. A leader on the battlefield will not be expected to behave the same way as the one leading an activist group. Therefore, it’s impossible to enlist all the traits of a leader. Nevertheless, there are a few basic ones demanded by almost all types:

Responsibility: Initiate change rather than reacting to events. Leaders must take full responsibility of their own selves and also of the group they lead. They can’t blame their fate or anybody else. Can you imagine the followers or team of a leader playing blame game? A good leadership training program out of the scores in Bangalore can perfectly help you to learn to be more responsible.

Courage: Whenever any tough situation arises, it is the battle on the inside that leaders have to fight. It is the battle with personal fears and insecurities that most frightens anyone. Only then will one be able to face the fears of the outside world. That requires courage.

Integrity: “Walk your talk” – that’s what integrity is all about. And this is what helps them display the confidence they have. All great leaders from Akbar to Mahatma Gandhi had a firm belief in their words, and they did what they believed in. Only then were they able to everyone. 

Risk taking: Whenever trying a new plan, we are taking risk. We are not sure it’ll work or not. But we’ve to do it. Growth comes from that only. Most people avoid risks but not leaders. They have the ability to calculate the benefits of taking any risk and then to step ahead in the direction with confidence. Only then can the team expect to get into a better tomorrow. Something it didn’t have today!

“There is no such thing as a perfect leader, either in the past or present, in China or elsewhere. If there is one, he is only pretending, like a pig inverting spring onions into his nose in an effort to look like an elephant.” —Liu Shao-Chi.

While almost nobody is born with all these leadership qualities, a good leadership development program conducted by a professional leadership training center in Bangalore can be a great aid to take your leadership skills to the next level.


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